Ilford FP4 Plus + Ilfosol S. There are still many excellent films and developers on the market today, and hundreds of permutations of those films. Ilfosol-3 Film Developer is an enhanced, one-shot updated version of Ilford’s Ilfosol-S. It has been created to suit the needs of photographers who prefer to use . For users of Ilfosol, an eco-friendly black & white film developer from Ilford Ilfosol, and type of Ilfosol used whether Ilfosol, Ilfosol II (Ilfosol 2), Ilfosol S, or Ilfosol 3.

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I have an older selad bottle and this could saave a roll of film. Fast films with grain like full stops. I’ve included some photos for reference Date published: Many people will tell you not to do this, but it works for me. This isn’t fault of ilfowol developer, I’m new at large format and just have to ilfsol more experience working with the Ilford line of products. If people stop buying them It didn’t fail quickly, but gradually when stored exactly according to Ilford’s own info.

I have not used the 3 version but when I sent a query to Ilford about shelf life I was told that Ilfosol 3 would last a lot longer. It’s no biggie and certainly won’t affect my sleep at night but thought I’d ask anyway as someone is bound to have an opinion at the very least?

Not recommended when using re-use techniques or replenishment systems. I would advise careful testing before using this regime on anything important.

Ilfosol S vs. Ilfosol 3??

Increased ilfsool is achieved where there is insufficient developer potential to allow replenishment of ilfoskl exhausted solution in the rapidly developing highlights [BJP Annual ].

Not only did Kodak honor the request for some odd sizes, they did a in a relatively prompt manner in most instances. If you have a Photrio account, please log in and select ‘stay logged in’ to prevent recurrence of this notice.


It will show them that we are commited to using the products and that we don’t want them to stop producing them. It can push HP5 to as well as develop slow speed film with excellent sharpness. Tri-x is one of those films that doesn’t seem to mind what you use. Ilfosol 3, officially launched in Februaryis an enhanced formulation of the one-shot, general-purpose, liquid older black-and-white film developer Ilfosol S.

Ilford Ilfosol | Flickr

Ifosol is the only ipfosol that I’ve used, so far. This means I can get 12 rolls of film and 20 rolls of 35mm out of every bottle. We’re working in a dwindling medium. I use it with Panf50 and FP4 and the results are really nice. Ilfosol-S had a reputation for failing quickly after the bottle of concentrate was opened. I tried the stuff ilfossol it seemed to match Ilford’s information for storage life. I use ml of solution for my mm and ml of solution for my 35mm. I haven’t tried it but do remember the warnings when Ilfosol-S was the available product.

I was a big fan of Ilfosol S and reckon it was under-rated, even by Ilford! Is it as good? Enter new zip code to refresh estimated delivery time.

Does a good job, especially for the Delta films.

Rated ipfosol out of 5 by William from Very good developer I have read that some ilffosol this developer has a short shelf life in a partial bottle that may be, but I broke it down into several 2 oz brown glass bottles to prolong the life Date published: Ilfosol-S is notorious for only lasting a few weeks after you open the bottle, but the small bottles help ameliorate this.

I also think that the d76 would go bad before i manage to use it all. Rated 5 out of 5 by Spencer P. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. I’ll keep an eye open for signs of degregation though now I know ulfosol Ilfosol-S being prone to rapid failure, taking into account what you mention John. Great results every time.


Give it a go, personally I think Panf50 and Ilfosol is about the nicest combination Ilford produce.

However, for greater economy, Ilfosol 3 can also be used with many films ss a higher dilution of 1: I prefer not to use an acid-based stop-bath. Hope this helps, Mark. I buy from both Ilford and Kodak and other smaller manufacturers like Foma and Efke as well. Is it supposed to be an acutance developer, or more towards the ‘fine grain’ of Fotospeed FD10?

I dilute at 1: Given that Ilford seems to have formulated Ilfosol 3 for longer life then if my experience is anything to go by, I’d expect at least 12 months life. It e supplied as a concentrate in economical ml bottles and is diluted typically at a ratio of 1: Your name or email address: A better solution all around than powders.

Today I got my first bottle of Ilfosol 3 from Ag photographic. I investigated this issue and read that Ilfosol is intended for finer-grained film.

It is not the best choice of film for those who wish to push-process — ipfosol stable-mate HP5 Plus is rather more robust and forgiving in this respect, and those people who believe that a little extra development never did any harm had better watch out and ilfoosl themselves for long printing sessions with much burning-in of highlight areas. Thus at the usual 1: It’s always kept in the bottle as concentrate with just enough working strength solution being made up pretty much immediately before use so there is never any ‘stock’ left sitting unless I have another roll or two I intend to develop the same day.

Apr 26, 2. The rest can be stored.