Poem Analysis: In Detention – Chris Van Wyk. In Detention. by Chris Van Wyk. Analysis by Lelethu Yeki. He fell from the ninth floor. He hanged. IN DETENTION. CHRIS VAN WYK ( -) Van Wyk published a volume of poetry,. He employs In Detention (title): During the Apartheid. Era, police. Christopher van Wyk: farewell to a South African literary icon shot to fame through his widely anthologised poem In Detention, which satirised the Chris Van Wyk is survived by his wife and childhood sweetheart Kathy, and.

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The tone of the poem is sarcastic however works out to be very effective. As the poem progresses, the explanations become more and more strange and queer, creating more of an effect of twisted facts. What is the overall TONE of this short poem? During the apartheid era, laws were passed which allowed the security police to detain people indefinitely without having to give any reason.

In Detention – Chris Van Wyk. Many people were tortured, some committed suicide, and some like Steve Biko died at the hands of their interrogators those who were questioning them. Content The title immediately places the poem in apartheid South Africa, and comments indirectly on the number of deaths in detention of political activists during these years at least 67 people died in detention.

Lele’sLiterature_Blog: Poem Analysis: In Detention – Chris Van Wyk

He has then merely listed them. Retrieved from ” https: N ot long after the death of Nobel laureate Nadine Gordimer, South Africa has lost another literary icon.


Death by hanging was therefore a very complicated, difficult and painful process of twisting one’s clothes around one’s neck. Fortunately, Van Wyk survived the interrogation and continued to be an important literary voice in the post-apartheid era.

Chris van Wyk – “In Detention”

Be able to explain your answer. Because the poet bases the poem on the words used by the security police themselves, it is also an example of satire.

People could be locked away almost permanently without access to law-courts to prove their innocence. Newer Post Older Post Home.

These include not behaving like a quiet little mouse but rather making noises, “like drinking a glass of water” or singing bits from pop songs or calling to the dog outside, or doing something chrix reading or writing while you are also preoccupied in listening.

Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. Chris Van Wyk was a poet in the Apartheid era, as he was of deteniton it is quite expected that he would have something to say about the country’s happenings and does this through poetry.

In Detention

By referring to the men as “he” and not giving any specific names, shows that these deaths occured quite often to many people. Languages Deutsch Edit links.

It is with great sadness that we have to announce that the creator of Knowledge4Africa, Dr T. How then would a prisoner in handcuffs — and possibly leg-irons — manage to climb through a barred window and fall to his death?


Analysis by Lelethu Yeki.

Christopher van Wyk

Show 25 25 50 All. In this very simple poem, Chris van Wyk examines these excuses with some sarcastic humour. Van Wyk showed signs of wanting to be a writer as early as five years of age — and since then, he says, he has had a love affair with words. Nevertheless, here are some topics to test you. Topics Books The Observer.

Detentio document is copyrighted. Although detebtion is possible to strike one’s head after slipping on a piece of soap, nevertheless deaths would be few and far between. Humour, on the other hand, opens up a totally new market, even of those who might be otherwise biassed — people such as the politicians and even the security men themselves.

There is, however, a danger in this because it limits readership to those who are already convinced.

It was therefore a most painful way of suicide and so, once again, would only have happened very occasionally, not as often as the pronounced excuses made it seem. Usually the prisoners were handcuffed and possibly even in leg-irons. Order by newest oldest recommendations.