Posts about Insolventieverordening written by Geert van Calster. Year: ; Title: De Europese Insolventieverordening en het notariaat; Journal: JBN: Juridische Berichten voor het Notariaat; Volume: 3; Pages (from-to): Year: ; Title: De Europese Insolventieverordening in de Nederlandse rechtspraak; Journal: Nederlands Internationaal Privaatrecht; Volume | Issue number.

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Onverminderd de regels die op vedordening van deze procedures van toepassing zijn, geldt voor de curator van de hoofdprocedure en de curatoren verordejing de secundaire procedures een wederzijdse samenwerkingsplicht.

In accordance with its national law, any insolvency practitioner may request, after the court decision referred to in Article 68, the inclusion of the proceedings in respect of which it has been appointed, where:. In such cases, the court should also be able to appoint, if appropriate, the same insolvency practitioner in all proceedings concerned, provided that this is not incompatible with the rules applicable to them. It is only after having rejected application of Article 1 insolventke the court summarily returns to Verordeningg under the Insolvency Regulation.

OJ L5. Proceedings which involve only the financial creditors of a debtor should also be covered. Point m of Article 7 2 verordeninf not apply where the person who benefited from an act detrimental to all the creditors provides proof that:. De opening van een insolventieprocedure tegen de verkoper van een goed nadat de levering van dat goed heeft plaatsgevonden, is geen grond voor ontbinding of opzegging van de verkoop en belet de koper niet de eigendom van het gekochte goed te verkrijgen wanneer dit goed zich op het tijdstip waarop de insolventieprocedure is geopend, bevindt op het grondgebied van een andere lidstaat dan de lidstaat waar de procedure is geopend.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

Information on certain aspects of insolvency proceedings is essential for creditors, such as time limits for lodging claims or for challenging decisions. Where a temporary stay of individual enforcement proceedings has been granted in order to allow for negotiations between the debtor veroredning its creditors, the court, at the request of the insolvency practitioner or the debtor in possession, may stay the opening of secondary insolvency proceedings for a period not exceeding 3 months, provided that suitable measures are in place to protect the interests of local creditors.

Deze ondernemingen mogen niet onder deze verordeing vallen omdat zij aan specifieke regelingen onderworpen zijn waarbij de nationale toezichthoudende autoriteiten in bepaalde opzichten over omvangrijke bevoegdheden beschikken om vfrordening te grijpen. Therefore, this Regulation sets out two specific situations in which the court seised of a request to open secondary insolvency proceedings should be able, at the insolventei of the insolvency practitioner in the main insolvency proceedings, to postpone or refuse the opening of such proceedings.

Accordingly, the presumptions that the registered office, the principal place of business and the habitual residence are the centre of main interests should be rebuttable, and the relevant court of a Member State should carefully assess whether the centre of the debtor’s main interests is genuinely located in that Member State.

The few Court decisions on the applicable law in cross-border insolvency cases were particularly focussed on the voidness, voidability or unenforceability of legal acts detrimental to all the creditors and the derogation of the lex concursus by the lex causae Art. Where the obligation is honoured after such publication has been effected, the person honouring the obligation shall be presumed, in insolentie absence of proof to the contrary, to have been aware of the opening of proceedings.

In the case of an individual not exercising an independent business or professional activity, it should be possible to rebut this presumption, for example where the major part of the debtor’s assets is located outside the Member State of the debtor’s habitual residence, or where it can be established that the principal reason for moving was to file for insolvency proceedings in the new jurisdiction and where such filing would materially impair the interests of creditors whose dealings with the debtor took place prior to the relocation.

  ASTM D4716 PDF

De gevolgen van deze procedure gelden alleen ten aanzien van de goederen van de schuldenaar die zich op het grondgebied van die lidstaat bevinden. Bij vennootschappen en rechtspersonen wordt, zolang het tegendeel niet is bewezen, het centrum van de voornaamste belangen vermoed de plaats van de statutaire zetel te zijn.

The persons and bodies referred to in the first subparagraph are listed in Annex B. Artikel 21 Openbaarmaking 1. Much of the analysis in Swissmarine would have been redundant had Denmark verordrning subject to the Insolvency Regulation. The current proceedings in that understanding fall outside that remit. Since the objective of this Regulation cannot be sufficiently achieved by the Member States but can rather, by reason of the creation of a legal framework for the proper administration of cross-border insolvency proceedings, be better achieved at Union level, the Union may adopt measures in accordance with the principle of subsidiarity as set out unsolventie Article 5 of the Treaty on European Union.

Deze verordening is bijgevolg vegordening bindend voor, noch van toepassing op Denemarken. Insolvency Law 2nd ed. The opening of insolvency proceedings against the seller of an asset, after delivery of the asset, shall not constitute grounds for rescinding or terminating the sale and insolvenyie not prevent the purchaser from acquiring title where at the time of the opening of proceedings the asset sold is situated within the territory of a Member State other than the State of the opening of proceedings.

The stay may be lifted by the court of its own motion or at the request of any creditor if the continuation of the stay is detrimental to the creditor’s rights, in particular if the negotiations have been disrupted or it has become evident that they are unlikely to be concluded, or if the insolvency practitioner or the debtor in possession has infringed the prohibition on disposal of its assets or on removal of them from the territory of the Member State where the establishment is located.

Member States shall ensure that the technical measures for ensuring the security of personal data processed in their national insolvency registers referred to in Article 24 are implemented. De gevolgen van die procedure gelden alleen ten aanzien van de goederen van de schuldenaar die zich op het grondgebied van die andere lidstaat bevinden. The coordinator shall communicate with a court in the official language applicable to that court. Artikel 26 6 Openbare orde Iedere lidstaat kan weigeren een in een andere lidstaat geopende insolventieprocedure te erkennen of een in het kader van een dergelijke procedure gegeven beslissing ten uitvoer te leggen indien uit die erkenning of tenuitvoerlegging gevolgen zouden voortvloeien die kennelijk in strijd zijn met de openbare orde van die lidstaat, ferordening het bijzonder met de grondbeginselen daarvan of met de grondwettelijk beschermde rechten en individuele vrijheden.

The time frame relevant for the determination of such threat may extend to a period of several months or even longer in order to account for cases in which the debtor is faced with non-financial difficulties threatening the status of its business as a going concern and, in the medium term, its liquidity. It may be the case that some of the persons concerned are not aware that insolvency proceedings have been opened, and act in good faith in a way that conflicts with the new circumstances.


His petition was based on his physical presence in England on the date of presentation, within the terms of the Insolvency Actand on his having had a place of residence in England within three years of presentation.

Indien de schuldenaar door een na de opening van de insolventieprocedure verrichte handeling onder bezwarende titel beschikt over:.

The rule laid down in the first subparagraph shall also apply where, on account of a debtor’s capacity, insolvency proceedings cannot be brought against that debtor in other Member States. In that connection, this Regulation should provide for various possibilities.

De Europese insolventieverordening – Wautelet Patrick

The requesting person shall not be obliged to provide translations of the documents justifying his request, or to bear any costs of translation which the competent authority may incur. This Regulation should be without prejudice to the rules on the recovery of State aid from veorrdening companies as interpreted by the case-law of the Court of Justice of the European Union.

This Regulation should, however, not require Member States to calculate those time-limits on a case-by-case basis. De schuldeiser zendt een afschrift van bewijsstukken, indien die bestaan, en doet opgave van aard, datum van ontstaan en bedrag van de vordering; hij geeft tevens aan of hij voor de vordering insolventi maakt op een voorrecht, een zakelijk zekerheidsrecht of een eigendomsvoorbehoud, en op welke goederen zijn zekerheid betrekking heeft.

De kosten voor de in de artikelen 21 en 22 bedoelde maatregelen inzake openbaarmaking en inschrijving worden als kosten en uitgaven van de procedure beschouwd.

Ter bescherming van dergelijke personen, die – niet op de hoogte zijnde van de opening van de insolvenfie in het buitenland – een verbintenis ten voordele van de schuldenaar uitvoeren die zij eigenlijk voor de buitenlandse curator hadden moeten uitvoeren, moet ervoor worden gezorgd dat deze uitvoering of betaling een bevrijdend karakter heeft. Where the proceedings referred to in this paragraph may be commenced in situations where there is only a likelihood of insolvency, their purpose shall be to avoid the debtor’s insolvency or the cessation of the debtor’s business activities.

Judgments handed down by a court whose judgment concerning the opening of proceedings is recognised in accordance with Article 19 and which concern the course and closure of insolvency proceedings, and compositions approved by that court, shall also be recognised with no further formalities.

Responsibilities of Member States regarding the insolvntie of personal data in national insolvency registers. Such a stay may be ordered for any period, not exceeding 3 months, which the court considers appropriate and which is compatible with the rules applicable to the proceedings. The undertaking shall specify the factual assumptions on which it is based, in particular in respect of the value of the assets located in the Member State concerned and the options available to realise such assets.

Paragraph 1 shall not preclude any action for voidness, voidability or unenforceability which may be taken to set aside payments or transactions under the law applicable verofdening the relevant payment system or financial market. Het overwicht van de hoofdprocedure moet verzekerd zijn doordat de curator van de hoofdprocedure in gelijktijdig aanhangige secundaire procedures kan ingrijpen, bijvoorbeeld door een herstelplan of akkoord voor te stellen of om schorsing van de afwikkeling van de boedel in de secundaire procedure te verzoeken.