INTERTHANE NACCO GOLDEN HCE PT A, English, United Kingdom, PDF. INTERTHANE RAL SIGNAL BLUE PT A, English, United Kingdom . Consult International Marine’s INTERTHANE DATA SHEET brochure on NauticExpo. Page: 1/4. PRODUCT INFORMATION. Color. PHBSnow White, PHYJet Black. Also available in a wide range of tinted colors. Finish. High Gloss.

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Hello Can you please let me know if you need a primer for this paint? The question has been correctly sent. The use of alternative thinners, particularly those containing alcohols, can severely affect the curing mechanism of the coating. For brush and roller application, and in some colors, two coats of Interthane may be required to give uniform coverage, especially when applying Interthane over dark undercoats, and when using certain lead free bright colors such as yellows and oranges.

Direct application is acceptable over the following marine anticorrosives: Interthane may be used on boottop areas at reduced overcoating intervals over appropriate primers. We recommend that Customer first purchases the smallest Product available or access an industry standard colour intertahne in person and not digitally to ensure that the colour is acceptable for its purposes.

INTERTHANE DATA SHEET – International Marine – PDF Catalogs | Documentation | Boating Brochures

Typical Coverage per coat. Polyurethane Finish When used as part of an approved scheme, this material has the following certification: Thoroughly flush all equipment with International GTA Interthane Product Brochure. Best practice is to use a color compatible intermediate or anti-corrosive ingerthane under the Interthane The content of this website is our best recommendation and is not advice.


Best results in terms of gloss and appearance will always be obtained by conventional air spray application. For brush and roller application, and in some colors, two coats of Interthane may be required to give uniform coverage, especially when applying Interthane over dark undercoats and when using certain lead-free bright interfhane colors such as yellows and oranges.

Level of sheen and surface finish is dependent on application method. The Online Boating and Maritime Exhibition. Avoid using a mixture of application methods whenever possible. Premature exposure to ponding water will cause color change, especially in dark colors and at low temperatures.


Customer further agrees that we have no liability for any errors or omissions contained within the Product Data Sheets. When applying Interthane in confined spaces, ensure adequate ventilation.

Suitable for use in both new construction and as a maintenance finish which can be used in a wide variety of environments including offshore structures, chemical and petrochemical plants, bridges, pulp and paper mills, and in the power industry. Prior to paint application, all surfaces should be assessed and treated in accordance with ISO RAL – Green Beige.


Be the first to write a review for this product! International Interthane Reference: Polyurethane Finish This product is not recommended for use in permanantly immersed conditions. VOC values are typical and are provided for guidance purpose only. Press and move to zoom. Silver Part A Download.

INTERTHANE 990 – PART B – 0,54L (6:1)

Medium Base Part A Download. Warning Interthane is available in a range of metallic 909 – please consult the separate Interthane Metallic Working Procedures document for further information.

Always mix a complete unit in the proportions supplied. Related Searches Marine epoxy filler International Marine antifouling International Marine epoxy primer International Marine anti-corrosion primer Zinc primer International Marine merchant ship antifouling International Marine merchant ship primer High-gloss coating International Marine professional vessel antifouling International Marine professional vessel primer International Marine topcoat coating International Marine multi-use antifouling Jnterthane primer International Marine two-component coating Tin-free integthane Zinc coating International Marine epoxy coating Acrylic coating International Marine tank coating International Marine coating.

Interthane must be applied over a recommended primer system, which will vary depending upon the vessel area.

Orange Base Part A Download. A two component acrylic polyurethane finish giving excellent durability and long term recoatability.