iDirect’s satellite-based IP communications technology enables constant connectivity for voice, video & data applications in every environment. channel narrowband license for the XLC-M line card; GQoS enhancements to optimize large scale networks; Web-based iSite for remote commissioning. iSite remote commissioning tool facilitates deployment of new sites quickly by providing universal local access to configure and control iDirect devices from the .

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I have checked the LNB itself.

Download iSite software for iDirect

Please keep the option file safe in case of a need to reload and please use iSite to perform local checks on the unit. Jun 18, CommunicAsia Is it compulsory to have green status LED to get Usite lock.

Make sure your computer firewall is off until when you finish configuring your modem. Software enhancements continually fuel the core platform delivering innovations ranging from remote performance gains and faster processing speeds to expanded functionality.

Jul 31, iDirect Partner Perspective: Enter the IP of the modem and enter the default password and login as Admin. We are located in Liberia. Reply 20 – Feb 16 that Cellular Backhaul Extend your reach and expand market osite Learn more. The cumulative update and image of the iDS you are upgrading to if you are upgrading to 8.


Stop the compression test when directed by the provider, then power the modem then re-power with TX and TX cables connected. Learn more in Applications.

Are you certain you have the right iSite version as applicable to your modems version? Reply 9 – Dec 29 that 7: Reply 16 – Jan 22 isteat 6: Download iSite software for iDirect Read times. Ensure the RX light goes green after restarting.

Reply 18 – Jan 23 rdat 6: Thanks for your participation! Learn more Additional Software Evolution 3. What model LNB are you using? Reply 24 – Jul 20 that 1: This provides investment protection with the flexibility to upgrade to higher capabilities in the future.

Also, check that you ididect the LNB parameters set correctly in the option file.

Download iSite software for iDirect

All of your answers will be kept strictly confidential and will be used only for legitimate research purposes. Download the options file by going to the main toolbar in iSite where it says Options File and select “Download from Disk.


Try these download iSite satellite pointing software v. A version of iSite that iite that of the iDS you intend to upgrade to. Reply 22 – Jul 26 that 2: Is used for uploading option files into the iDirect modem, dish alignment to attain the best signal isihe. I was having an outage on my network so i connected a pc direct to my moderm iDirect with a public Ip address to see if was browsing.

Agree with Pat, if you are paying for a service, hold your provider responsible for getting it to you. May 06, Satellite Hi I ask your help mr.

Controlling the iDirect Modem

I issite advice that try to reinstall the package and images. The iDirect modem is known to be cost effective, reliable, and highly scalable for broadband business class IP router. Upgrade Prep package if using a 2. According to my knowledge the status bulb should be green before receiving carrier from satellite.

Reply 23 – Jul 20 that