TATA Tea’s Jaago Re initiative drives the idea of pre-activism. As concerned Read more about the Jaago Re campaign. Alarm Bajne Se Pehle Jaago Re!. “Alarm Bajne Se Pehle, Jaago Re,” (wake up before the alarm rings) – and .. jaago re “In our voting campaign, we facilitated voter registration. Social Samosa takes a look at some of the best Jaago Re campaigns over the years which touched upon sensitive issues.

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Big Magic unveils new logo as part of brand revamp. They dropped the ball.

That way, people can empathise more. This is hopefully the start to another new wave of social uprising that India will see.

Jaago Re Campaign

LinkedIn’s Akshay Kothari joins Notion. This may enable a deeper understanding of the issue at hand and could help citizens get to the root causes and therefore solutions to problems. We realised Jaago Re has helped move the needle.

Like the previous ads had politicians – that was more relatable. The focus of Tata Tea’s JaagoRe campaign has varied through the years. But how many of us are actively involved in pitching in with these solutions, other than posting online updates to create awareness? Whether it would take the Jaago Re theme forward?

Tata Tea’s new Jaago Re campaign urges India to pre-act, not react

The Jaago Re 2. But more often than not, we read about such situations and post an outraged update on our preferred social media channel or start an online petition.


Read more about the Jaago Re campaign. The kaago TVC will be on air for the next eight to ten weeks. These are real-life tragedies, and yet we have become used to these headlines because we see them so often.

They said this is not the ball to catch and kept doing that till we came up with this idea and I am glad this happened.

It set the way for brands embracing social change as part of their DNA. The JaagoRe campaign has been well received both by media and by the audience. Tata tea Women soch badlo Rishi Chadha. Social media is now the new soapbox where we react to disasters in each of the above camppaign. Sponsored Stop the next disaster from happening! Tata Tea intends to encourage ‘pre-activism’ – a behaviour of timely activism which happens before, to prevent haago things.

Pulse Candy attempts brand story in seconders Advertising. Balkito create a public service announcement broadcast on television. Yet, most of us choose to do nothing but complain about how inconvenient it is.

A Look Back at the 10 Years of Tata Tea’s Jaago Re

Hence, we needed to break the mould again and showcase our thought leadership. Deepika believes that everyone has a story to tell.

A builder has been given permission to cut down more than a hundred trees in your already polluted city, a sexual molestation case comes to light in your immediate neighbourhood, a child falls into an open manhole, or a talented sportsperson is injured owing to lack of adequate training infrastructure.


It urges people to stop reacting after tragedies hit and instead start ‘pre-acting’ to prevent them from happening. Under Armour’s Marketing Dilemma. Karare takes on Kurkure with ‘tedha-seedha’ play Advertising.

The female protagonist drives this conversation with a compelling storyline that showcases the current reactive nature of people – rallying for an issue once it has happened or taking to on-ground and social media after something bad has happened.

Jqago begs the question: The current Jaago Re campaign has centred on women’s empowerment. While voicing opinions, supporting causes and signing up for petitions does create momentum, most of these are simply reactions to incidents that have already taken place.

Tata Tea is back with ‘Jaago Re’ ad after a 3-year gap

To a large extent, most of us are aware of the problems that surround us, but we choose to ignore them. This page was last edited on 28 Februaryat A word of caution to the team on that front. He says, “Beautifully done, nice idea, great extension of Jaago Re, which is a metaphor for physical waking up – awakening in society.

We need to ignite the spirit of prevention so that our society can evolve into a new reality; where it takes measures to intercept warning signs and prevent disasters.