The Emperor Wears No. Clothes. Chapter 1 OVERVIEW OF THE HISTORY OF CANNABIS. HEMP. Chapter 2. BRIEF SUMMARY OF THE USES OF HEMP. Jack Herer has updated his authoritative history of hemp’s myriad uses and of the war on this plant, just as it has become high-profile news, with supporters such. Results 1 – 30 of 52 The Emperor Wears No Clothes by Jack Herer and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at

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Jack HererPeter Coyote. This is wonderful read A friend kicked Herer gently to announce a visitor.

Heref Emperor Wears No Clothes: A very, very excellent book for anyone involved with cannabis legalization movements, medical marijuana movements, or anyone who just wishes to increase their knowledge about one of herrr most widely used recreational and medicinal drugs on the planet. That is a legitimately scary issue, BUT Herer was speaking at the Hempstalk festival in Portland, Ore.

For one thing, they were breaking the law. Dec 15, Priya Mishra rated it it was amazing. Start your free trial. Economy doesn’t look for the more efficient solution.


I suspect that this could have improved in a later printing. If someone already tends to hear voices, you should not increase the volume. How did ‘Jack Herer’ happen? United States thermal imaging Leary v. When he invited berer to his apartment to smoke a joint, she was appalled to find the place in shambles. Herer thoroughly documents the petrochemical industry’s plot to outlaw this renewable emperir of paper, energy, food, textiles, and medicine.

For pharmaceutical companies, the diverse, cost-effective home-made ingredients that could be easily produced and were extremely useful were severe competition. Medical cannabis History Timeline Religious and spiritual use Chalice. Potheads, you are going to have to find a better champion than this one.

Searching for Jack Herer, the ‘Emperor’ of American Cannabis | Leafly

Cannabis has a long history and this book points the way to discovering some of the lore, uses and knowledge of the plant from antiquity to the present. It will show, with lots of historical references, all the unknown facts behind the prohibition of the medicinal plant Cannabis.

It uack my pleasure and privilege to have Jack as a friend for 24 years. It was an important moment that sparked the modern marijuana movement. Herer added new information as he learned it, putting out new expanded editions, recruiting friends to help him with the research and writing.


Leafly has updated Terms of Use. Feb 06, Rick rated it really liked it. Herer felt nothing but contempt for hippies and their marijuana. So much fascinating history about the miraculous hemp plant!

Searching for Jack Herer, the ‘Emperor’ of American Cannabis

Recreational and medical applications rights Industrial applications. A cabal of plastic manufacturers and power-hungry bureaucrats, he claimed, had suppressed one of the most industrially useful and medically beneficial plants the world has ever known: As for biodiesel material, hemp is not as effective or economical herrer canola, which has a higher oil content and can give twice the seed-per-acre yield.

To continue, please check the box above. Thankfully, degenerate advocacy decides to deprive the population of either option. I admired the way he did it. May 21, Mike rated it it was amazing.