I took bayat online I read Darood Jawharat al Kamal only 11 times a day I took it from your website Would you please help me how. Jawharatul Kamal: Jewel of Perfection, treasury of the prophet S.A.W . reading of the Prayer of “Jawharat al-Kamal” by laying down a white. Jawharat al-Kamal (The Jewel of Perfection) (7 times daily). Allahumma salli wa sallim `alaa `ayni ‘r-rahmati ‘r-rabbaaniyati wa ‘l-yaaqootati.

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Beloved, Allahs Name Muhammad- s and recites a formula of salawat as mentioned in Quran ” After a while a Hashmi [a member of the Prophet’s May Allah bless him and grant him peace] family came to him. Spreading the ‘izar – oamal white piece of cloth is only to dignify the wird litany.

O Allah, send benediction upon and salute on jawhaarat Essence of Divine Mercy, the Accomplished Ruby encompassing the center of comprehensions and meanings, the Light of all created universes, the Adamic who possesses Lordly Truth; the all-filling Lightning in the rain-clouds of gains that fill all the intervening jaqharat and receptacles; Your Bright Light with which You have filled Your creation and which surrounds all possible places.

The Salat has obligatory conditions and recommendations attached to it which the reader is strongly adviced to adhere strictly to.

Jawharat al Kamal |

A person came to the blessed grave of the Messenger of Allah, May Allah bless him and grant him peaceand requested food from the Prophet and sat down. Audio and Video Links. That is kamak beginning of his or her journey to the hereafter. A voice then came from our Prophet’s [May Allah bless him and grant him peace] grave, saying that Allah has forgiven your sins.


The disciple should also lay down a garment honouring the presence of the Prophet peace be upon him for if we were to lay down ourselves and foreheads on the ground honouring the prophet we would not be blamed.

I implore you my readers to be well engrossed in the recitation of Jawharatul Kamal adhering strictly to its regulations and recommendations.

This notion helps the murids to concentrate more on what he or she is doing, and it helps them to keep their minds away from the mundane world. Salam ,There is a slight mistake on the Prayer’s transcription; here is the correct one: Salawat Jawharat al-Kamal The Jewel of Perfection – Tijani tariqah If you kaml this salawat 7 times a day or more, yuhibbahu mahabbatan khaasah wa laa yamootu illa waliyyan, Prophet s will love you with a special love and you will not leave dunya without being a wali.

The reciter must believe the the salat is Kalamun Qodimun, ancient divine words of Sl 3. As the spiritual people of tassawuf do not joke with Salat, each Toriqat seems to hold different Salat in high esteem as recommended by the founder and through the Prophet Muhammed S.

Will you please talk about the reasons and important of the spread of the white clothes during the wazifa. The Sufi Forum join now.

Finally I said, ‘and if I dedicate my supplication in its entirety to you? The ‘izar is however to teach some lessons and to inculcate some morals.

Numerical essence of Jawharatul Kamal It is righly claimed by gnostics of this tariqat tijaniyyat that the salat corroborates with the twelve thousand years of Ibadat of the prophet’s Nur before creation. Salawat ala Rasul Links. With one recitation of this salawat Allah swt takes away evengreat sins and with two recitations,great sins, and with three recitations,great sins, and with ten recitations, one-million great sins!


Largest Gallery on net. Newer Post Older Post Home. Sunday, 1 December Jawharatul Kamal: And these go thus:. If you read this one time, Allah swt will waivesins! Other Powerful Salawat and there meanings to be added Next; 1. He had with him a tray of food, and said, “this food has been sent by the Prophet, May Allah bless him and grant him peaceand with it he gave a message: A person who fails to do any good works while alive will have nothing to fall upon when that akmal journey begins – the journey to the hereafter.

Also think about this point. Full list see link below http: Afterwards our Prophet, May Allah bless him and grant him peaceap in the dream of Utba’, may Allah be pleased with Him, and informed him to go to the Arab and convey the message that there is a good news for him that Allah had forgiven his sins.


And just as any black spot on this white cloth is capable of distracting the attention of those who look at it, any evil deed no matter how very small can render our kamql unacceptable to God. I said, ‘a quarter of it? Its should be recited only with Al-wudhu Ablution with water Recommendations 1. We can clearly see from this action a sing of glorification to those the noble dress have been placed down for and since the Prophet peace and blessing be upon him is an example for us to be followed.