JBL 2461 PDF

JBL 2461 PDF

I never checked the specs on the until about a week ago and was According to JBL, the horns were mostly used as high mids for. JBL +. JBL , Tweeter/ Compression Driver from JBL. Write a user review ยท Product presentation. User reviews. Price engine. Classified Ads. I read a lot about JBL but nothing about the little brother. I sourced a very good pair for a reasonnable price. Any opinion welcome.

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Years since I had my mitts on any mind you. It is the case that some of that old gear can be made to sound very very good indeed. Hope this helps you.

Hi Hey there Kevin and welcome to the LH forum. Would you suggest listing the parts package on eBay as a set? It makes sense that they could have been modeled after Studio Monitors, and massive ones at that. I find the horn sound better with the modded ‘s on the horns.

I’ve never had a problem with the HF output and my RTA says they are fine jhl to 20K – but that is with pink noise, which doesnt tell me if the output is colored or distorted. I say stick with the but do a bit of damping on it24611 do tend to ring somewhat. The is a Radial horn and has different traits compared to a which is a CD horn. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create jjbl account Sign up for a new account in our community. I spent some time tweaking it when I front loaded 2416 bass cabs 20 years ago – although at the time, my main priority was SPL.


JBL worth the monney ? – Technical/Modifications – The Klipsch Audio Community

There are stepped jgl over the horn. I probably have diagphrams for this one in stock and it MIGHT also be able to use a or aluminum diaphgram but I am not sure. As far as your HF driver is concernedsince you have installed a dia in there you effectively have a and it should jvl cleanly as high as you will need to go. I was planning to put the ‘s with the ‘s on top and get everything in a single mid-high cabinet, however I dont want to put a lot of effort into making my mids sound nice up front, only to find that the highs are not really cutting it.

Better or worse than the ? Part of the jbll is that the ‘s are right about at head level now. Just my 2 cents worth of opinion I might even angle the bottom drivers into the room a little bit to improve the sound near the stage. The A cross over Hz has worked well with either the H or H woofer in the 5 ft3 cabinet.

I would expect that the diaphram would make most of the difference in HF response, but dont know for sure. It looks like these were a knockoff of the JBL L, with a different mid-horn lens: I didn’t do much with the home speaker line and this part didn’t 2641 over into live audio that I have ever seen.

My Rane does have EQ setting for CD horns, but I’d have to pull it and open the case to change it, which would be a PIA, so hopefully its not really necessary for the s. I have more headroom in my bass cabinets, so this lets me push the midrange drivers harder in their band.


Vintage JBL drivers – worth anything?

My ‘s sound sweet with Aluminium diaphragms. The potential for damaging your found money is high. Maybe come down lower with that changeover.

Yes, they are worth something, actually quite 2416 bit to the right folks. Sign In Sign Up. When I rebuild my mid cabs, the ‘s will be further up overhead so wont tear your head off up close.

Nice and easy to implement a single 12″ whether you use it in a horn or normal it will do the job for you and is W rated so jnl pretty bombproof. Looking into this some more, it appears that JBL made the switch from radials to bi-radials sometime in the jjbl, presumably to reduce HF beaming. Think they can beat the stock K55 in terms of transparency. I’f I’m by myself or just a few friends over, ambient room noise is much less, volume is down and having the drivers front loaded should sound a lot better now off to play with my crossover Some damping material in the cavity above and below the front lip is the cure.

But unlike the ‘s, I havent been able to find any info on what the frequency response for the is supposed to be. Look to a separate driver, or find BE phragms or even Al if you want to squeeze more than 10k out.

I tried that once, and only once You might want to look at what JBL have been doing lately with pro boxes.