P.G. Wodehouse’s series of comic novels featuring young British dilettante Bertram Bertie Wooster, and his wry valet Jeeves, who is often the cause of editions. This collection of short stories is a good exampl More. Want to Read. This one contains 9 stories with 5 of them telling Jeeves and Wooster adventures in New .. This is a collection of eight short stories written by P. G. Wodehouse. The Jeeves “canon” consists of 35 short stories and 11 novels. to rewrite the Pepper stories, switching Reggie’s character to Bertie Wooster and combining.

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Who am I to argue with these brainy blighters?

This collection of stories is equally split between four Jeeves and Wooster stories, and p.g.wodehosue stories with an early version of Bertie Wooster under the name Reggie Peppers. Or, rather, he had a kind of paternal muscular spasm about the mouth, which is the nearest he ever gets to smiling.

This is a woosetr to a poem by Alexander Pope. It also has the usual circumstance where Bertie gets into trouble and Jeeves bails him out.

P.G. Wodehouse reading list: the Jeeves and Wooster stories ā€“ Plumtopia

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: The Bertie stories in this collection are phenomenal, but the Reggie Pepper ones are tiresome. A “Jeeves” is now a generic term as validated by its entry in the Oxford English Dictionary. Shelve The Inimitable Jeeves. JasenP. Shelve Short Story Collections by P. Other books in the series. The cats were his, the fish was Eustace’s and the hat was Claude’s. He does not object if he learns that Jeeves, foreseeing that Bertie would agree to give up the item, has already disposed of it.


This Goodreads review lark is a rummy thing. Yes, I will continue reading about further misadventures of Bernie Wooster and Jeeves. He’s one of the five authors who’s works I would take to a desert island with me.

Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. His cousin Egbert is a constable and plays a role in the short story ” Without the Option “.

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Sadly, My Man Jeeveswhilst perfectly fine, is not amongst his best work. According to Jeeves, he was privately educated, [6] and his mother thought him intelligent. He speaks intelligently and correctly, using proper titles for members of the nobility. Their styles seemed so similar “seemed”; so far, I prefer JKJ.

One of the most clever duos to have ever graced the printed page. Bertie becomes attached to these less conservative pieces and views Jeeves’s opposition to them as “hidebound and reactionary”. It was simply a case of reading whatever book I could lay my hands on next ā€” this was in the days before online booksellers and ebooks made all of his works available, anywhere in the world.


Right Ho, Jeeves – Wikipedia

Jeeves has knowledge in more dubious subjects as well. He moves from point to point with as little uproar as a jelly fish. Who can forget our beloved gentleman’s personal gā€¦ More. While Carry On, Jeeves features some earlier stories, it also p.g.dodehouse stories that occur after events in The Inimitable Jeevesand is best read second.

List of Jeeves stories

Book 6, 7, 9. The Hindu Literary Review. Good writing and a simple plot filled with funny anecdotes that make the book worthwhile. Jeeves does not try to argue this woostre, though at least once he says he does not eat a lot of fish, [54] and in one conversation, Bertie states that he favours kipperswhile Jeeves prefers ham. An efficient method of reading the entire Jeeves canon is to read Ajd World of Jeeves followed by the eleven novels in order of publication. Wodehouse actually befriended the tax inspector involved in the case.

He apparently served in the military to some extent in World War I.

When a book’s titled My Man Jeeves it’d better be carpetted wall-to-wall with Jeeves.