JSS 0256 01 PDF

JSS 0256 01 PDF

JSS (Revision No. 1) MINISTRY OF DEFENCE JOINT SERVICES SPECIFICATION ON ENVIRONMENTAL TEST METHODS. JSS , knowns as the Penta-Five test, is an antifungal product test for electronics. JSS Revision No. 1. LIST OF MEMBERS ASSOCIATED WITH FORMULATION OF THIS STANDARD. 1. This Joint Services Specification has.

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Moving force shall be applied in both the forward and reverse direction. Saturation of the chamber atmosphere with water vapour 02556 occur during this period.

The dust shall be removed by brushingwiping or shaking. The relevant equipment may specify method o removal of surface moisture.


Final Measurements – The equipment shall be visually examined for mechanical damage and shall be subjected to electrical, mechanical and other checks as specified. Free Flight Functional Test Expose the equipment to captive flight endurance test levels computed as per table4. Two lateral blows from a weight of kg, at a radius of 1.

Mounting Equipment, in its unpacked and switched off condition, shall be fastened to the bump js, either directly or by means of a fixture.

Final measurements – The equipment shall be visually examinedand shall be subjected to electricalmechanical and other checks as specified. Recovery Thee equipment shall 2056 be removed jsss the chamber and shall be allowed to remain under standard recovery condition for a period of 2 to 4 hours. The acid solution to be sprayed shall consists of a solution of sulphur – dioxide in distilled water. When it is necessary to employ filters 0526 reduce the effect of any high frequency resonance inherent in the accelerometer, it may be necessary to examine the amplitude and phase characteristics of the measuring system in order to avoid distortion of the reproduced waveform3.

Belgian Block Course – A Belgian block course consists of very tough, very hard surface, unaffected by changes in climatic conditions.

JSS_ – [PDF Document]

Total duration 6 hours by frequency sweep. The equipment shall be subjected to a total of three consecutive cycles as above. For example, a light equipment item might be carried by one man chest high; thus, it could drop cm. The equipment shall then be transferred to a cold chamber which is maintained at a temperature depending on altitude ceiling on operation or air transportation, whichever is more severe Refer Table jsd.


The most sensitive points should be selected for the purpose. Initial measurements see 3. The absorption factor must have a high degree of stability if a radiometer is to be used for control. Coarse Wash Board – This has corrugation at right angle to the track but with spacing comparable to the circumference of the wheel of the vehicle under test.

The heaters are controlled so as to supply the system with the calculated heat input as a function of time. The isolators then shall be removed and the test item rigidly mounted and subjected to the test level indicated. Whether additional test without isolators is required and applicable severity See Note below clause 3.

For efficient transfer of heat, it is necessary to blacken the surface of the specimen with a heat resisting black paint whose absorption factor is 0.

For each parameter the relevant equipment specification shall choose the appropriate values from those given 4. The ASD level and the profile for test shall be chosen form Table 4. The tests described herein are not to be interpreted jsd exact and conclusive representation of actual operational and storage conditions. It is usually continued for at least half an hour after equipment has commenced functioning or performance check is completed whichever is longer.

Application procedure 1 or 2 For procedure 1: The relevant equipment specification shall specify the applicable pulse 2056.

The equipment shall then be allowed to remain under standard recovery conditions for a period of 2 to 4 hours. The 26 drops may be divided among no more than five test times. Inertia actuated service brakes shall be designed to permit braking with not more than one second delay after application of braking force. It isjzsessential to refer ,before caring out a testto the relevant equipment specificationkss ascertainif any modificationshave been in the test conditions.

JSS 55555 – Antifungal Test – Electronics

The relative humidity shall be maintained kss a value greater than 90 per cent by exposing a large area of water slurry of potassium sulphate K 2 SO 4. When humidity conditions in the chamber are obtained by using dematerialized water, this shall have a resistively of not less than ohm metres. Final Measurements 0526 The equipment then shall be visually examined and shall be subjected to electrical, mechanical and other checks as specified Applicability for a particular equipment is to be decided by the designer in consultation with users and inspection Authority taking all relevant factors into account.


The missile system under test shelter assemblage shall be driven a number of times, as specified in jsa relevant equipment specification, over section of the track in the following order and at specified speeds: It should begin as early as practicable in the development phase and continues as the design matures. The amplitude and duration shall be as specified. In this case, the equipment shall be so mounted that the gravitational force acts in the same directions it would in use.

Captive flight functional test levels and duration see 3. The amplitude, the sweep rate if other than 1 octave per minute see clause 3. This wire shall be used to scarp gently the surface of the culture to liberate the spores. Repeat, using other practical edges of the same horizontal face as pivot joints, for a total of four drops. It does not impose or imply a specific test order all through it can aid in suggesting potentially useful environmental test stress combinations sequence.

The maximum permissible sweep rate is given by: The intensity of shock is related to the change in length of the copper as result of the blow. Measurements see clause 3.

Performance check shall be made as specified. Step jsss – Adjust the chamber test conditions to those specified in Step 2 of table 4.

The conditioning shall be as per Table 4. Two procedures are specified for this test. In such cases, the relevant equipment specification shall specify a suitable test equipment for performing this test.

The frequencies at which significant resonance peaks occur 6 db amplification of input level considered significant shall be identified.