Velvet Promise (), Highland Velvet (), Velvet Song (), of her wonderful books, the four titles in Jude Deveraux’s Velvet series. All of England rejoiced on her wedding day. But Judith vowed that her husband would get only what he took from her! At the flower-bedecked altar, the first touch . Buy a cheap copy of The Velvet Promise book by Jude Deveraux. A novel in the ” Velvet” sequence about the blood feud between the Montgomerys and the.

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And she must prepare this night. Jude Gilliam was born September 20, in Fairdale, Kentucky. She ends up pregnant and risks her life and the life of her unborn child to save him, going to the house of some psycho weirdo that holds him hostage.

I think the female body and mind works differently in intimate moments. She wants to marry for money, which the Montgomery’s are lacking due to some past political turmoil, so she strings along Gavin for the good hard sex and marries an abusive Earl for his lands and riches. Enter Ye ol’ Gavin Montgomery rant fest ahead, come all ye!

Romance Around the Corner: Through the Nostalgia Glass: The Velvet Promise by Jude Deveraux

Judith must come to the realization that not all men are abusive, controlling beasts although Gavin does possess quite a temper and Gavin must see the deceptive Alice for what she really is and come to love and trust his bride.

I’m having a very hard time digesting the book, it’s short, so I thought it was going to be a fun quick read but by chapter 8, the hero has hit, raped, almost cheated on the woman who is supposed to be the love of his life by the end of the book and they only met on their wedding day. She’s cold and manipulative, but Gavin is blind to this. Jude Deveraux knows how to write an interesting story, likeable characters that are flawed, and fun dialogue.


He was thrilled when he saw how beautiful Judith was and they were both making googly eyes at each other until Alice the ex turns up and cries crocodile tears while attempting a fake suicide. Honestly, there are some VERY hard things to deal with in this story and some readers would probably run for the hills devreaux a few scenes. The Scent of Jasmine. Don’t get me wrong, this book is still good as far as well written, well paced promiee historical medieval romances go.

From some of the reviews I’ve read, I expected to jde problems with the hero because he was violent. I would have loved this book had I not wanted to velvvet the hero. The author is fully aware of what this is about: Judith witnesses this and is understandably not happy to hear her brand new husband swearing undying love to another woman on their wedding day.

I liked this book however I could not get myself to like Gavin even a little.

Well, if my re-read is any indication, I think I know why you were less enthused. I highly recommend this author to all those who enjoy this genre. Right now I have lost patience with both Gavin and what’s her name I forgot already.

The Velvet Promise

Don’t read this if you hate cruel heroes. His story is told in the third book, Velvet Song. Of course there will be conflicts along the way. Olay mahalinden uzakta bir yerde kamp yaparlar. The point is, I doubt there will be many readers who will consider this hero swoon worthy and will not end up wanting to cut up his nuts, fry them in butter and serve them to him on a platter.


I love Jude Deveraux and one thing I noticed from reading this book is that she doesn’t pull any punches. He thinks she should have compassion for Alice since she had to go through the horrible devastation of losing him: Oct 26, Janja rated it really liked it. The Truth About Cads and Dukes.

And then again I’m curious about the new book. They’re fighters, certainly, but they’re also beauties who are preoccupied with survival and family preservation. The Velvet Series was one of my most re-read historical romance series when I was younger. I refuse to finish reading ANY story that promisee rape, abuse, or involuntary sexual servitude by the “so called hero” as an erotic act.

It’s free and yours to keep.

The Velvet Promise • Jude Deveraux

Judith was a better character, but even she grated on my nerves, even after he had forced her on their wedding night she melted into a puddle every time he touched her. December 29, Imprint: Magic of You, The. I love this kind of story!

What clearly impressed my young 15 year old, 90’s self, today felt annoying and horrifying at the very least. That still promisw my blood boil!! And our velveg watch the scene. Sep 09, Linda Sims rated it did not like it. These kind of bodice rippers may have appealed to me in the past, but now this book was simply atrocious to read. But that went really wrong, hero accuse the women then strike her.