Juniper Networks EX switch delivers a high-performance, flexible and Use the form on the right to download Juniper EX Ethernet Switch Datasheet. DATASHEET. EX Ethernet Switch. Entry-Level Access Switch with. Virtual Chassis Technology. Product Overview Juniper Networks EX switch. Juniper EX Ethernet Switches from BuyJuniper are in stock. Request pricing on Juniper EX today!.

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Indicates the memory used in the Routing Engine. Page 91 – Table Online feedback rating system—On any page of the Juniper Networks TechLibrary sitesimply click the stars to rate the content, http: Close the top of the cardboard shipping carton and seal it with packing tape.

Juniper EX-Series

Close the input circuit breaker. Page To supply sufficient power, terminate the DC input wiring on a facility DC source that is capable of supplying: Two line cards are available, one with and one without support for IEEE The slot number—For a standalone EX switch, the slot number is always The role of the switch—For a standalone EX switch, the role is always Check the parts you receive in the switch shipping carton against the items on the packing list.

See Figure 8 on page The roadmap for these switches includes the ability to stack them together and with switches of the EX series.

Rear View muniper the EX Switch Fan tray Mouse over the fan tray icon to display status of the fans and airflow direction information.


Juniper ex3300 datasheet pdf download

Follow the directions in the cleaning kit you use. Page 69 Indicates the USB port for the switch.

Page Chapter 9: Ex ethernet switch entrylevel access switch with virtual chassis technology product overview juniper networks ex switch delivers a highperformance, flexible. Page 13 Table 6: The power budget is the lowest of all EX series PoE switches, and notably insufficient to run high-power Powered Devices PD’s on all ports simultaneously.

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Remote vpn connections client software for screenos and srx devices include usage of ncp secure client software. Page 28 – Table 4: EX switches are junipet protected inside the shipping carton. This file might differ from the default configuration file on your Packing Switch Components For Shipping Close the top of the cardboard shipping carton and datasjeet it with packing tape.

These switches run on juniper s network operating system, junos. Align the bottom hole in both the front-mounting brackets junipwr a hole in each rack rail, making sure the chassis is level. They are small and energy efficient making them environmentally friendly and great for office use.

Table 57 on page lists the alarm conditions on EX switches, their severity levels, and the actions you can take to respond to them. Use the wall-mount kit from Juniper Networks to mount the switch on a wall. Estimated Values for Factors C To prevent airflow restriction, allow at least 6 in.

Page – Switch Page – Figure Fire Safety Requirements In addition, you should establish procedures to protect your equipment in the event of a fire emergency. Standards Supported By These Cables Removing a Transceiver on page Management Cable Specifications Table 45 on page 96 lists the specifications for the cables that connect the console and management ports to management devices.


EX Switch Hardware Guide. Ensure that the separate protective earthing terminal provided on this device is junjper connected to earth.

Securing Ring Lugs to the Ter Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The juniper networks ex line of ethernet switches with virtual chassis technology combines the carrierclass reliability of modular systems with the economics and flexibility of stackable platforms, delivering a highperformance.

IT Dialog | Juniper EX Series

This article needs additional citations for verification. Page – Figure Mouse over the Virtual Chassis ports to display the port status details.

Page 60 – Table In verious documentation it says it supports sflow but the data sheet below does not say so.

This option is available only for an EX switch that is a member of a Virtual Chassis configuration. Fortigate d data sheet enhancing the security fabric.

The device must be installed in a rack that is secured to the building structure. Management port The management port junipsr used to connect the switch to a management device for out-of-band management.