K2 Smartforms is a flexible and powerful forms creation platform, where you THis is not the official documentation for “best practices” from K2. Although some of the planned features in (comments at last!) go some way to addressing this, following best practice will allows for a. This guide goes through some best practices for developing K2 be found here ‘ C:\Program Files (x86)\K2 blackpearl\Bin\SmartObject Service.

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High risk for bugs and incredibly challenging to maintain. Now that we have built the rules to save and update and load the information we can now add bladkpearl to the list view. The only exception is for file types.

I find it very effective however tell horror stories relating to this based on experience. In this post you will learn: Use asynchronous rules when you can.

Best Practice for developing K2 Apps

The rules for moving to a picker control is if the reference data is longer than 20 rows then use a picker control. This will make it easier for people to easily identify what the view does what it relates too. I conceive pgactices have observed some very practiced detailsthankyou for the post. Avoid using Form States for forms that contain lots of rules.


Only if we had time to read everything!

K2 Smartforms: best practices – How2 K2

Using this application allows you then to test your SmartObject to see if it is working correctly. Create an unbound rule to either save or update the data depending blqckpearl if the parameter id is populated like in step 9.

So to get this to work properly we have use unbound rules. The pattern for RCT is that we have smart views and dummy forms. First and foremost, set a realistic timeline that allocates enough time for technical design — so that your blueprint is properly planned before you actually start building. Form widths Where possible, set form width to a maximum width of px.

To do this do the following steps. Some rules can be called later. To add a description in the Activity event. Failure to properly plan how to implement a solution can result in downstream effects of either poor re-usability or maintainability.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here The name of the SmartObject like the rest of the K2 artefacts should carry the same naming convention. Create a rule that when you click on the list item it transfers the primary key from the list into the view parameter. You are commenting using your WordPress.

Are there complex Beest requirements that are not out-of-the-box in K2 Smartforms? This applies both when setting the date, as well as displaying the date in something like a list column. Expense Claims With spaces between words. Document this list and inform all the developers about the environment variables.


Header bars Remove the background blackpeearl and move on top of tabs. Have a practice to announce every new environment variable or any common object for that matter to everybody.

Parameters can be used for Views and Forms to make them dynamic. If you have blackpealr number of stored procedures that interact with same table, then same SmartObject can be used with the additional methods and properties added.

This is basic knowledge for project management, but too many times have I seen projects fail because of this with or without K2. From here we can now test the methods of the SmartObject.

Follow Blog via Email Receive notifications of new posts by email. You could also consider creating unbound rules discussed below.

Tips on K2 Environment Variables H. However, this could be a double edged sword.