Karaoke Culture [Dubravka Ugresic, David Williams, Ellen Elias-Bursac, Celia Hawkesworth] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Finalist for . Dubravka Ugrešić. Karaoke Culture. Translated from the Croatian and with an Afterword by David Williams. David Williams. Uploaded by. David Williams. —The Independent (UK) Over the past three decades, Dubravka Ugresic h. Karaoke Culture is full of candid, personal, and opinionated accounts of topics.

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Paperbackpages. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Ugresic dubravla me from the first page. Rigidity, petrification, a constant readiness for defense, a strong tribal awareness, infantilism, formulaic patterns of thought, fear of the unknown, fear of change, an apology for purity, innocence, and simplicity, the hermetic, a cult of the dead, security, normativity, conservatism, the static, anti-historicism—are only a few of the features typical of the world of the palanka.

For the author herself it seems obvious why, as it was before that happened – but what about to all those people who supported the various nationalists in the war? I loved this book of essays.

These weren’t the sort of pieces that, based on the author’s uggresic reputation, I’d variously looked forward to reading, or assumed to be intimidating. Her comments about the confining ideas of nationality in literature are much better received in this corner. The events happened fifteen years before she wrote the piece, but she’s still very shaken; she isn’t at a point where she’s able to consider that sort of idea, only record the quote.

The title essay is a fantastic discussion of the cult of amateurism and the plethora of amateur performances available for public consumption.

In ‘A Question of Perspective’ she also provides a detailed account of the ugly episode and its lingering aftereffects in Croatia in which she and other intellectuals — specifically other women — were denounced and hounded in a bizarre media frenzy. It’s a bit mean-spirited at times a statement it’s impossible to make without being so oneself You fill the void—drunk or sober, on-key or off.


The freedom we thought we gained with the internet and participatory culture has actually destroyed culture. Trivia About Karaoke Culture.

Karaoke Culture By Dubravka Ugresic – A Review | By The Firelight

I suppose, coming from the fierce and determined world of DIY publishing and music, the snotty fist in the face of the old guard, I have problems with the establish essayists and other monied professionals digging in and looking down their snots at the glorified amateur. I picked up this book unprepared, ugfesic expecting someone different, someone the author isn’t.

Not only because I didn’t read Karaoke Culture in the order it’s printed. Reading this book at the same time as The Information was a good pairing.

Karaoke Culture

Many at least touch on both the role and the life of the writer in the modern world, especially the peripatetic literary festival circuit life as there are so many festivals now that: Fortunately, towards the end of the book she has some longer pieces that make for more compelling reading. A slightly smaller book that focuses entirely on the ‘karaoke culture’-idea and perhaps develops or explores it a bit further could easily have been split off from this one.

Ugresic ksraoke two more books Filip i Srecica, ; Kucni duhovi,and then gave up writing for children. kkaraoke

Jan 03, Frank Mancino rated it it was ok. Ugresic’s titular essay is a bit much – and bows before the antiquated notions of “the canon” as singular artistic bar.

Karaoke Culture By Dubravka Ugresic – A Review

While I like Ugresic’s voice here, and I think she is an intensely intelligent thinker and writer, too many of these essays also felt reactionary and removed. A notable remark from a former colleague states, but we protected you – you weren’t killed. Oct 06, Jamie Ross rated it it was amazing. Oct 24, Gabrijela rated it really liked it. The former Yugoslavia, and her personal memories of the culture dubravma education she was exposed to ugersic, is something she frequently returns to here as well.


Karaoke Culture – Dubravka Ugrešić

View all 15 comments. Despite my general sympathy with the topic, I didn’t find much to agree ygresic in its treatment here. I also found that as an American reader I couldn’t relate to, or didn’t know enough about some of the items or situations which were addressed in some of the essays, and that it was sometimes hard to keep my focus on the page.

Yugoslavia had come out of the war on the winning side, a victor, which was already in and of itself enough to help most citizens repair their self-image. Tijana Spasic rated it really liked it Sep 16, The author, who’s pretty much addicted to the internet, considers the internet destructive of culture, and comes round to it a bit near the end, which is something we’ve seen in countless pieces.

I’d fly to Holland just for that opportunity.

She rediscovered forgotten Russian writers such as Konstantin Vaginov and Leonid Dobychin, and published a book on Russian contemporary fiction Nova ruska proza, Aug 30, Rebecca McNutt rated it really liked it Shelves: Help WWB bring you the best new writing from around the world.