understanding of transformative constitutionalism. I would .. Transformative Constitutionalism”,’ 5 Klare highlights what he terms the inherent. Transformative Constitutionalism in South Africa: 20 Years of Democracy. Mashele . Thus, Professor Karl Klare formulated the notion of TC. Harvard Law School | Institute for Global Law and Policy» Uncategorized» Karl E. Klare | Legal Culture & Transformative Constitutionalism.

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Gender, Law and Justice. It has been observed that equality, in its formal or substantive form, will remain a distant dream owing to spiraling triple social challenges of unemployment, poverty and inequalities. Thus, a theory of equality must find a way of integrating private resources and political power.

It is for this reason that South Africa boost global recognition as a human rights respecting state. South African Journal of Science, Vol.

Thus, Aristotle subscribes more to formal equality. This assists in understanding the practical application of the right to equality and its social impact. According to Grantdignity provides a properly grounded theory derived from its rich tradition that has been accepted as being capable of underpinning an appropriate approach to equality.

In response, the implicit meaning of equality as derived from the Constitution is that every South African should benefit in an equal manner from the tenets of legal imperatives.

The role of judiciary in shaping human rights discourses cannot be understated. To augment efforts of realizing equality in society, legislative framework is indispensable as it essentially provides guidance to civil society and courts for implementing all rights in the Bill of Rights. International Journal of Educational Development, Vol.

The state is not simply required to stop interference with the enjoyment of rights, but also has a positive duty to fulfil and augment those rights.

The right to equality will not be achieved if all children, including those with impaired eyesight disability of visionwere to attend school and conduct their lessons in the same manner. The author also relied on his personal experiences, and insights obtained from interacting with the people inhabiting the areas of Mopani and Capricorn Districts, Limpopo Province.


This refers to widespread dualistic public-private service phenomena and the emerging theory of VIPsm. It is for this reason that literature containing essential narratives with regard to the right to equality is reasonably widespread.

The Limits of Law. Therefore, transformative constitutionalism is more inclined to achieving substantive equality than formal equality. Consequently, how does equality infuse into this system? It is for this reason that it may be necessary to treat such children with disability differently, in an attempt to bring them at a level where they will easily cope and catch-up with learning trajsformative its inherent challenges.

Accordingly — having accepted the transformative conception of the South African Constitution, the question which then follows is how can the right to further education be realised within this formulation? This resulted in South Africa having a reasonably good normative value system and institutional framework to support constitutional democracy. This is arguably resultant from privatization which has effectively deprived indigent people in rural communities of access to quality public services.

Transformative constitutionalism, as such, means using the law to effect comprehensive social change through a non-violent political means. This entails that the post regime has had to ensure that everyone receives equal protection of the law and is similarly afforded unhindered equal opportunities which otherwise would not have been realized under apartheid.

In terms of section 9 2the Constitution states that equality necessitates full and equal transformatkve of all other rights and freedom. Inequality mocks SA’s freedom. This then invokes the need to differentiate mechanisms of differentiating humans; that is, formal and substantive equality.

National legislation must be enacted to prevent or prohibit unfair discrimination. Indeed, it has been twenty one years since the advent of democracy. Given this toxic mix of money and political influence, what are transforrmative implications for education, housing and other socio-economic rights that need planning and budget allocations to ensure medium to long term comprehensive change? This article is descriptive and adapts to qualitative style of research. Ref 44 Source Add To Collection.



Equaity constitutional adjudication in South Africa. Accordingly, on the one hand, this particular wording can be used by the state to argue that there are insufficient resources in order to fulfil its obligations, but on the other hand it means that the state is required to make the resources available in order constitutoonalism fulfil those obligations.

As a starting trqnsformative, discourses on the concept of equality derive strength from the constitutional provisions in section 9.

What is Transformative Constitutionalism? Bangladesh e-Journal of Sociology, Thus, it is considered as a humanist imperative, that refer to cosntitutionalism or excellence of humans by virtue of being humans De Crunchy, Subsequently, dedicated legislations were promulgated to effectuate equality in society.

Phephelaphi Dube: Transformative constitutionalism demands government takes action

It is written from social, economic and legal perspectives. As a legal right, equality constitutioonalism given procedural and remedial force. The article attempts to respond to a question whether the right to equality has been realized in meaningful terms? Because South Africa adapted to constitutionalism, it is essential to establish how the transition envisaged effectuating transformation, to fulfill the right to equality among others?

Some Remarks from a Comparative Perspective.

The central function of transformative constitutionalism is notably that, it has to redress injustices of the past and guide the nation to a better future Langa, ; Bohler-Muller, Prestige Lecture delivered at Stellenbosch University on 9 October