– Explore Digital Media Warriors’s board “KARATE KIHON” on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Martial Arts, Shotokan karate and Exercises. Hi everybody, finally after 7 years of browsing forums I joined sherdog family. So greetings! When I was 10 I trained shotokan karate for 2 years.

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When I was 10 I trained shotokan karate for 2 years, and later in my early 20’s Muay Thain and Bjj also for 2 years. If you are concerned about doing kihon and kata for tradition’s sake and don’t want to do that, you will have to ask the Sensei of that dojo whether they work practical bunkai or not and how much they do it.

Since I knew Kyokushin, the transition was easy. In conclusion the zenkutsu-dachi front stance in the most important stance. Loosely translated, Sanchin means, three battles, three points, or three phases, a reference to the fact that Sanchin seeks to develop three elements at a time. Fudo dachi — Immobile stance Yoi daichi Shizen tai — Ready stance Musubi dachi — Formal attention stance Heiko dachi — Parallel stance Soto hachiji dachi — Outside figure 8 stance Uchi hachiji dachi — Inside figure 8 stance Sanchin dachi — Three battles stance, three point stance, hour glass stance, etc.

The 3 Main Elements of Kyokushin Karate: Kihon, Kata, and Kumite

Sensei Fogarasi made comments about the importance of kihon and I know there are those who dread the basics, but I agree with him that they are the foundation of everything we do. The movements ykokushin a series of blocks, punches and kicks in forward, backward and sideways directions.


Stick Katas Bo Kata Chion Shushi-No-Kon-Sho When you study the Katas, you should tried to consider all myokushin points below in order to have a better understanding of all the movements involved in the different Katas, only through concentrated study and practice of Kata that we can learn to read and understand the language of Kata. We also do some kata. You can see what I mean here http: The same thing applies to training basic techniques in karate–they are idealized ways of practicing proper form so that when you actually apply it in competition or self defense you don’t lose so much of your technique that you can no longer apply it effectively.

Mar 26, Messages: I’m very pragmatic and practical, so I need some reasonable purpose to put in practicing kihon.

Know Your Kyokushin Kihon | The Martial Way

Not just the form but the function and the reason for training and of course how to be applied. Your email address will not be published. I know it’s kyokhshin russian, but I think it will give you the idea that nothing in kyokushin is pointless. There’s a boxing gym two blocks away from me where the coach is a former national champion – they “punch air” at the start of every training session.

I can only train 1 day a week at the dojo. Maybe you could help with a bit of info.

From your post I understand that kihon, with its exaggerated moves its suppose to teach me ideal kihin of specific kyokushiin, that in combat situation due to stress and factor X, is going to diminish and still will be effective.

Geri Waza Foot or Kicks Techniques. It is a lot to digest but it kihn exactly what I need it. It also showed the commitment, which was expected by instructors years ago. Also there are 13 more Katas that Sosai Oyama taught on the beginning of Kyokushin, but later on were left aside. Kata is a very important part of Kyokushin training as it provides the individual with a knowledge of offensive and defensive techniques and teaches him the proper flow of movement and stances with the use of balance, concentration and coordination.


Sadly, her school closed. As this is done, the muscles and tendons are strengthened and stretched. I need to know for sure.

The 3 Main Elements of Kyokushin Karate: Kihon, Kata, and Kumite

It should take 1Minute and 40 to 45 seconds to perform this Kata. Have I got it or have I failed to understand? By having the heel planted firmly on the ground we create a solid connection between the floor and the target.

She was a very good teacher and focused on perfecting our basic techniques. The class last night focused on kihon, and I loved it. Like building our vocabulary. It is an honour that someone with your experience has time to share.

It can become exasperating when you work on one aspect, but continue to make mistakes. The power of a technique derives from the proper balance between strength and relaxation. Point and Circle Theory. The grading requirements in our school contain the following:.

I’m just asking because I don’t know. DoctorTacoMay 10, We work on each move, block, strike and stance individually.

Why do I say this?