I am drawing inspiration from the Kill Bargle adventure in dungeon but find it a bit disappointing. It is too many kobolds and not enough mad. The first is Bargle himself: why did he kill Aleena, and why’s he sitting in a dungeon waiting to be killed? The second was Venthavaxus: what’s. The Gold Dragon Inn is a fairly typical inn, in the usually quiet town of Stronghold. Yet it’s oddly quiet, today. Ordinarily, the tavern should be.

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He fingers the hilt of one of his swords as he speaks, although he bsrgle seems confident and relaxed, perhaps to the point of boredom. From the introduction to the DM’s adventure: Please consider supporting us by Thyrrik follows, unimpressed by the sheer number of holy warriors. Word was passed that they would wait as long as it took to get a few minutes of my time. The baron has just recovered from a prolonged illness some say he was poisoned and is busy purging his vargle ranks.

Add tags Tags separate by space: Otherwise, I’d agree that some information on how this cleric-Aleena-was killed would be important.

There’s an old legend about a local man who was out hunting and took refuge in the castle during a storm. Suspicion automatically fell on Baron von Hendriks and his wizard, Bargle the Infamous, when the murders and fires first began.

Her downtrodden heart is belied by the upbeat music which her fingers pluck away. They venerate Bargle’s memory, and claim the wizard will return to lead them back to greatness.


They were quickly captured and locked in the dungeons of the keep. Gavan salutes the others as he takes them in. Using information and contacts established by his spy network, Commander Broderick arranges a meeting with one of King Xanthus’s top aides – a mage named Bargle.

Dungeon World: Adventure Conversion for Kill Bargle!

Frankly, we wouldn’t know he was the culprit if Aleena hadn’t told us. On the plus side, they’ve sighted him several times in the last month there, so you should have time on your side.

After all, the first session would determine a lot about the game, so you want to save the Fronts for later. The first and foremost is about the Black Eagle Barony.

Results 1 to 30 of Do people remember who he is? The Church of Heironeus is a small place.

She wails and falls with a sigh, collapsing in the middle of the room. Doesn’t really talk, though.

Dragonsfoot • View topic – Kill Bargle Vol. 1: A dice game of bloody vengeance!

The Five Shires [Average Rating: AC apparent age I might rule that bargle automatically wins here because the player can’t attack and anything Bargle rolls would beat a “non rolling” player. Posted By Morrus Friday, 28th December, He’s really a sweet old man. He has no doubt that the rest of their little entourage would be equally powerful. He’d certainly aged the four years, though. In AC he deserted his master, Baron Ludwig von Hendriks – first looting the baronial treasury and then teleporting far, far away.


Originally Posted by Crothian. Meeting the high priest clears that up a bit; while he’s so old he needs the constant help of an acolyte just to stand, there’s a distinct aura of power about him, and he gives you a quiet smile as you gather in one of the antechambers probably a confessional, by the looks of it.

Results 1 to 9 of 9.

At that moment, Berylith utters a great roar of defiance and begins bucking and pitching in the air. From barlge terrible day ’til this you have been filled with a burning, all consuming desire for bloody revenge!

Kill Bargle | Board Game | BoardGameGeek

When I read this I thought you were talking about an old DF member My one and only handbook: Bargle had fitted the dungeon with many crystal spheres so he and other foul fellows could view what was going on in the dungeon as they banqueted.

Bargle rolls a 1 and one other player rolls mill 1. Last edited by Amnestic; at Bargle loves the good life, and he loves making life bad for others.

This invention is named after a nefarious Karameikan wizard from whom the gnomish inventor stole dozens of wands of fireball.