Option #1: Textbook Scanning Services There are several online services that will scan a textbook and return a PDF document of its contents. Here are the steps to convert books to digital books using a scanner. Cut the binding off the book Kinko’s will do this also. You could just saw. The web’s most affordable non-destructive book scanning service! Our Low Cost Book and Document scanning service allows us to offer the lowest pricing.

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Apps like Scannable let you process and share documents after you’ve scanned them. Here’s how kinkoz do it: If there’s no print or share option in the app you’re using, you might have to move your file to a different app. Running the scanned book through OCR will leave the text active and flowable so as the book is read in different formats, the pages can scale and the font will remain large.

The scanning process is broadly similar no matter which app you use, with the familiar picture-taking interface you’ll know from your phone’s camera app replaced with a document-scanning one.

They kimkos communicate with the web directly, which means they can also communicate with your phone directly, once both are linked to your Google account. Also, the table of contents will scale with the ebook if the original file is setup correctly.

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I could go on, but in the end the answer is you need to either use OCR booi get someone to retype it. If you have an AirPrint-compatible device on your local network then it should just pop up as an option whenever you choose to print from inside an iOS app, like Apple Mail—just look for the share or print button.

I have one near me in Tororto but I haven’t been yet. Textbook publishers are charging forward through this new frontier of media distribution, but unfortunately only a small portion of textbooks are available for download today.


They have pretty tight restrictions on content, though, so check to make sure that your book meets that. However, a lot of dust has been kicked up over Google Books project and the legality of it.

Kinko’s now FedEx Office and other copy shops bookk are expected to be “the copyright police,” and their management expects employees to be vigilant about this stuff because it has cost them millions of dollars. Amazon offers a couple of ways to get your book to them. One last note about Kindle conversions.

See this Google Search. The price depends on the length of the book. Google Drive for Android. High resolution is better inthis case, but large file sizes can slow things down, so I’m not sure what the right balance is.

Scan and print anything from your phone

You need the text as raw text. This will NOT work. Each method varies in cost and effort required. If it was originally a Word document, for example, and if you have full Acrobat product, you may be able to recreate the document in Word format.

Once built, these scanners take pictures of each page of the book you wish to digitize using two tethered cameras. While what you are proposing is a bit smaller in scope, some of same rules apply.

What do you do if your microbiology text isn’t available in a digital format this fall? Also I concur with davcoo re: Here is the Kindle Formatting Guide. There are many available.

Best way to scan printed book to ebook? | Ask MetaFilter

Amazon says that all files will be converted to AZW format for Kindle to use. If I simply took the book to Kinko’s and had bbook scanned as images or a PDF, would that be likely to work well or is there a better option? HP’s ePrintfor example, nook one app that will allow you to send documents to a printer over the web using email, while Canon’s own print app for iOS and Android devices does something similar.


It’s easier than you might think to print out a PDF or to scan in a document using nothing but your phone.

It will take a number of file types and convert them to e-book formats. You might not get the high-resolution, pixel-perfect copies you would from a real flatbed scanner, but these cameras are usually more than capable when it comes to scanning documents and forms. You get a set amount of bandwidth or some such that eats into your profits. Just tap the plus icon on the app’s front screen and then choose Scan.

Yes students, this means you could condense a semesters worth of heavy textbooks into a few thousand bytes on your Kindle, Nook or iPad. To set up a printer for Google Cloud Print, head to the online portal in a web browser, log in with your credentials, and choose Add a Classic Printer from the menu.

I do not have the original book proofs in digital format.

How to Digitize Your Textbooks

Build a Book Scanner Diybookscanner. Yes, it is Wikipedia, but it is a good place to start with understanding overall and the information seems to be pretty much up to date. Skip to main content. Do you need to preserve the original book? By submitting above, you agree to our privacy policy. I don’t have anything up on the Kindle sacn yetbut it is my understanding from a friend that does that Amazon penalizes you for file sizes.

Google Drive for Android comes with a scanning tool built in, which can convert scans to PDFs, but sczn this feature hasn’t carried over to the iOS version yet.