Download Palmistry For All by Cheiro containing new information on the study of the hand. Cheiro wrote several books on palmistry, numerology and related. Free kindle book and epub digitized and proofread by Project Gutenberg. Everyone knows that “the face can wear a mask,” that a person may be a good actor and put on a certain expression that may deceive even the.

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Devika Prithi rated it liked it Feb 19, This point alone is worthy of the consideration of pwlmistry parents, paljistry if observed by them would do much to help such children to develop mental control over themselves. The first finger is considered as the Dictator, the Lawgiver, the finger of Ambition, the Indicator, the Pointer, etc. These same parents would lift up their voices in righteous indignation if soldiers were sent into battle untrained, without their proper equipment, and yet these same parents have never, in the whole course of their lives, made the simplest study of any one of those many subjects by which they could in knowing [Pg xix] the nature of their child, have strengthened weak points in the fortress of kirl, or by developing some talent or gift, doubly armed him for his entry into the battle of life.

That very year,was a notable one in his life; his strong-willed action over the Abbas affair was completely vindicated; he was made a K.

There is not a single one of these rules that has not been proved by me in my long professional career, and knowing that they will bear the strictest inquiry and observation, it gives me pleasure now to offer them to the readers of the American Edition of Palmistry for All. It will thus be seen that every point of this study bearing on character can be reasoned out from a logical standpoint.

When these islands are found at the commencement of the line under the first finger or Mount of Jupiter 3, Plate IV. When the Line of Heart commences with a fork, one branch on Jupiter and the other between the first and second fingers, it is an excellent sign of a well-balanced, happy, affectionate disposition, and a good promise of great palmistru in all matters of affection.

Sometimes they are extremely deeply marked, and as a rule much more so on a woman’s hand than on a man’s. In such a case we get the double mental personality, but one which is more under the control of the will of the subject, whereas the two double distinct lines denote that the two mental personalities seem to act independently one from the other.

The same marks on a hard, firm hand would not indicate as much delicacy, because hard, firm hands denote in themselves a robust constitution. A “cross” is an unfortunate kkro, and denotes difficulties and annoyance, but only relating to one’s name or position.


Nirupam Joshi rated it liked it Jun 12, But this formation must not be confounded with the Line of Head curving palmisty through the upper part of the MountPlate II. A broken Heart Line is a certain sign that some terrible tragedy in the affections will at some time or other overwhelm the subject. If one of the lines be found partly arrested or stopped at the Line of HeadPlate X.

The study of these corpuscles was also taken up by Sir Charles Bell, who, indemonstrated that each corpuscle contained the end of a nerve oiro, and was in immediate connection with the brain. When a hand is found to be artistic in its shape, with pointed fingers or long and narrow, the Line of Sun on such a formation promises rather success and brilliancy in Art, on the Stage, or in Public Singing, than in anything pzlmistry.

In this case the owner would be, however, more subject to what may be called miro crooked fate” than wilfully “wrong. What more can I say”- Madame Nellie Melba. When these lines are seen ascending towards or on the Mount of JupiterPlate X. When there is no Line of Heart whatever, it is a sign of a cold-blooded, unemotional nature. Quoting Fred Gettings in his excellent history of palmistry Book of the Hand, Hamlyn Publishing,”Count Louis Hamon, better known as Cheiro, is one of the most remarkable figures in kir history of cheiromancy.

Palmistry: The Language of the Hand

It may be, then, that to all living beings there is a Destiny “that shapes our ends, rough hew them as we will. Individuals having palmitsry “stiff-jointed” thumb, on the contrary, cannot easily adapt themselves to others.

Whether this be true or not, we find that it was bitterly denounced and persecuted by the early Church.

However, more often than not, all I get from Cheiro is the straight party line of all the eighteenth century palmistry books. When once this part is mastered, he has a sure foundation to work on. They are likewise so easily wounded in their feelings, that even a look or an imagined slight will put them out of humour or upset them for days.

My next remarks will relate to the minor marks and their meaning, and to islands or breaks on or in the Line of Head. This great specialist also demonstrated that every portion of the brain was in touch with the nerves of the hand and more particularly with the corpuscles found in the tips of the fingers and the lines of the hand.

They are ambitious that the person they live with be great, noble, and successful. The paljistry Titanic’s Last Secrets includes a detailed account of one of Cheiro’s palm readings with William Pirriechairman of Harland and Wolf, builders of the Titanic.

Even the cleverest people with this sign seem to rein themselves in too tightly, and are always inclined to undervalue their capabilities and talents. If the Line of Head is badly formed with islands, or a broad line with breaks and hair linesPlate IV.


Individuals of this palmjstry, however, make more reliable friends, so their friendship, though difficult to obtain, is generally worth having. He was then almost forty-four years of age, and I remember well how I explained the still higher positions and responsibilities that his path of Destiny mapped out before ikro.

See chapter on Mounts, page He was a self-described clairvoyant who learned palmistry, astrologyand Chaldean numerology in India during his stay there. For instance, when the Line of Life ikro very chained and weak, the Health Line on a hand will naturally increase the danger of delicate health; and when found with oalmistry Line of Head full of little islands, or like a chain, such a Health Line more clearly foreshadows brain disease, severe headaches, etc.

The Line of Heart should be deep, clear, and well coloured. This would denote that the person continues to cultivate the practical side of his nature that was at that period called into existence.

Palmistry for all, by Cheiro.

They palmistfy spend their life in an aimless way unless “the call” comes to them or the tide of ambition turns their way and carries them onward. Return to Book Page. The first joint or nail phalange of the thumb, when long and thin, denotes the opposite of the above characteristics.

There are hundreds of facts connected with the hand that people have rarely, if ever, heard of, and I [Pg 2] think it will not be out of place if I touch on them here.

There are seven klro types of hands, bearing in their own way more or less relationship to the Seven Races of Humanity page When they appear as straight lines they denote strong healthy children, but when very faint or crooked, the children indicated are always delicate.

When the Line of Life is found with a number of ascending lines, even if they are small, it denotes a [Pg 42] life of greater energy; and the dates at which these lines ascend from the Line of Life may always be considered points at which the subject has made a particular effort towards whatever may have been the special purpose of his destiny at that moment. In all my work I regard the Line of Head page 11 or the Line of Mentality as the most important sign that can be found in the hand.

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