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This causes an argument to strike up between him and Karin who can not make up her mind whether or not she loved Sasuke despite trying to kill her previously. Evading an attack from Obito thanks to Kakashi ‘s warning, Naruto once again decries Obito’s ideals, noting that a loner like him could never understand his euphoria to have all his narjto around him.

But a narkto like him cannot stay like this, and so she planned. Asking Obito if he’d had enough of their genjutsu battle, Kakashi and Obito form the seal of confrontation as they begin their real battle. Madara who can barely contain himself, shouts to Hashirama that he had been waiting for him, to which Hashirama notes — with matched exuberance — that he would take care of him later after stopping the Ten-Tails.

Now Bella must master her powers and prepare herself and change the world of Naruto in peperation for Kyugra and the Jubbis return. Naruto is really starting to enter its climax. Once Naruto reaches of age he is asked to enroll into it and becomes one of the first two males to ever enroll in the previously all-female school.


But when you die, you do not expect to hear Dings and see Game-boxes. Cover by RelRifda on wattpad Maruto The Ten-Tails’ power creates earthquakes, thunderstorms, and tornadoes all over the battlefield. What does it all mean? Though the clone attempts to dispute Madara’s words, it is split in half before it can complete its statement.

As she reminisces the time she was called as Tsunade ‘s disciple, Sakura stores up three years’ worth of chakra gaining a considerable amount of strength which surprises both Naruto and Sasuke. For other uses, see Deadlock disambiguation. Shikamaruhaving thought of a plan, narjto Kitsuchi via Ino ‘s telepathy and inquires from him the hand seals used to perform the simplest earthen defence intending to use the quantity of the shinobi to overwhelm the Ten-Tails’ attack.


The Rasenshuriken merges with the flaming arrow, forming a swirling 6335 of black flames which struck upon the Ten-Tails.

All of the Rookie Nine cheer them on, including a happy Sakura, who sheds a tear. Though the others explain this was basically impossible for him who had abandoned the village and committed such heinous crimes, Sasuke simply noted that he didn’t care what they thought of him, and that he would change the village.

Obito, however, notes that he was doing it for the exact opposite reason and then declares that he did not wage a war in the world just for Rin. As Orochimaru and the others took their leave, back on the battlefield, Sai questions Sakura about her views on Sasuke’s return, her answer to which leads Sai to believe that although the words were sincere, her smile was a fake.

Madara — who notes that the fight had started to bore him, and he had already found something else to preoccupy his time — turns in time to see the Alliance rally around Naruto, providing a defence for him while Sakura begins to heal him. Arriving to where Tsunade and the other Kage were and upon seeing Katsuyua mischievous Suigetsu wonders how much salt it would take to kill it.

The images have plagued his dreams since he was little, but, lately, they have started to feel more like memories.

Komik Naruto Bahasa Indonesia

However, Minato tells them not to worry as he was on their side, and asks Sakura if she was Naruto ‘s girlfriend. Meanwhile, Madara impales Hashirama ‘s wood cloneand notes that Hashirama was putting too much energy into restraining the Ten-Tails. Elsewhere, Madara notes the fun was about to begin, and cloaks himself with his Susanoo ‘s ribcage. Namun, Sakura dan Raizel ingin memulai kehidupan mereka yang sebenarnya dengan saling membuka diri.


As this occurs, Obito remembers Rin once again before forming a seal of his own and letting out a cry which draws the attention of many on the battlefield. This prompts Naruto to note that Team 7 had been reborn as the three look on, prepared to fight. With Obito ‘s cry resounding throughout the battlefield, Madara muses that he had once told Obito that eventually, he would have to repay the legendary Uchiha for saving his life. T – English – Fantasy – Chapters: Telling Sakura to rest then, he and Sasuke move to the battlefield, though Sakura follows as well, telling them that she was not a weak woman, and had been trained just as well as any of the two of them narhto a Sannin.

Komik Naruto 610

Briefed on the situation — the Kage now all healed — made preparations to head to the battlefield. With this, Kakashi states that he won’t let the feelings of the old Obito go to waste even if he himself refuses them. Elsewhere, as Kakashi and Obito enter Kamui’s dimensionKakashi is the first to regain his footing and attack, but stops just short of driving his Lightning Cutter through Obito’s heart. He then instructs Gamakichi to attack the original Ten-Tails. Further elaborating his point, Obito offers Kakashi consolation to join a world where he may fill the hole in his heartand goes as far as to recreate Rinand himself as young children to persuade Kakashi.

As Sakura ‘s cloak deflects the giant kunai and magatama respectively, she wondered if keeping up a feat like this would not harm Naruto in the end. Hashirama is surprised to see such a feat while Shizune notes the difficulty of such chakra control. T for security Rated: