HIDEAWAY was the first novel of mine that elicited a pleasing quantity of hate mail. The volume of hate was never so great that the postal. Hideaway. Dean R. Koontz. Putnam Publishing. US Hardcover First. ISBN pages; Date Reviewed: Reviewed by Rick. Summary: Hideaway is a disappointing and disjointed novel unworthy of Koontz. It’s one of this patchy author’s poorer efforts. The plot is.

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I would reccomend this book to those who like religious undertones in telling a good vs. I especially enjoyed how he brought disturbing points across with Vassago while not just spelling everything out. Hatch is an antiques store owner and his wife is an artist who are driving in icy, treacherous conditions.

Intriguing issues and moral points are brought up — from bringing back the dead, genetics, orphans and disabilities, the deaths of small children, bringing families closer together, and, of course, religion. View all 10 comments. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Or those paperback reprints of novels written under pseudonyms that keep popping up like perennials on your grocery store shelves.

View all 4 comments. A great mix of everyday horror with very real, average characters. Over the following months, Koontz became increasingly concerned about the movie’s reflection of his book. What could Hatch do? In a March 9 letter, Koontz wrote that the shooting script was “astonishingly incoherent, filled with contradictions and moronic logic, peopled by physicians who talk silly baby talk about medical science and with policemen who are too thunderingly stupid to investigate and arrest a man–Hatch–who seems to be and acts like a serial killer.

Preview — Hideaway by Dean Koontz. Lindsey was able to roll with the flow. The movie tanked, as it deserved to.

HIDEAWAY From the Author | Dean Koontz

In the end, that’s why we read Dean Koontz. That evil guy I told you about starts dreaming as well. May 13, TQM Doctor rated it liked it.

And Hatch managed to avoid the personality flaws he witnessed during his youth in his own life. I’ve read this book many times but now that I’m a bit older 40’sI am a bit turned off by the incredible amount of evil exposed in this book by Koontx spending so much time in the mind of the demonic villain. Koontz said one deviation from his book is the daughter.


Hating him, even going after him with a crow bar, could not have done the damage to him that he did to himself by abandoning the essential elements of the novel. I replied in part as follows: Hideaway is no exception to this.

Koontz has a great writing style. Personal tools Log in.

Hideaway (novel) – Wikipedia

This is like taking the character Scout from ‘To Kill a Mockingbird. I believe we Americans have a lot to learn from you, and I look forward to your response to my letter of 10 November, last year. Some said it was a palace coup, perpetrated by people who owed their careers to him. What I do know is that Mike was in my experience that rarest of individuals, a film executive who kept his word, acted honorably, and had taste. My letter of 10 November has not been answered. Sure, he writes slick bestsellers, but he hideawa put a picture in your brain like nobody’s business, and when he winds up the tension, you’d better have a clear calendar, because you won’t want to budge from your book-reading binge.

Or perhaps he gained a gift of some sort during his recovery. I enjoyed this one. I feel spoiled I had a unique way of finding out about this one. Hatch and Lindsey Harrison have somehow survived a horrific car accident.

As I am certain you are an honorable and courteous man, I assume your silence results from the mistaken belief hideawaj World War II is still in progress and that citizens of your country and mine are forbidden to communicate. This was a shocking and offensive point of view to my fifty correspondents, however, and thus I found myself the recipient of hate mail, none of it perfumed or decorated with stick-on yellow smily faces.

Twice this publication has given space to vicious attacks on me which featured phrases and even whole sentences from those hate letters. They start life anew, adopt and a wonderfully characterized little girl named Regina, and it all turns out with a happy ending. Meanwhile, a life-hating young man known only by his self-adopted demonic name of Vassago stalks the subbasement of a nearby abandoned amusement park, admiring the rotting bodies of those he’s sacrificed to Satan in hopes of being allowed to return to hell–which he apparently visited during his own brush with death.


Dec 11, Alisha Kennedy rated it really liked it. Hideaway Group Read – September 40 83 Jan 17, Retrieved from ” https: If you only get your books at airport gift shops, and you read mostly the likes of Janet Evanovich, John Grisham and Harlan Coban, what I would like to call the blockbuster writers, the Jason Bays and John Carpenters of the literature world. I picked it up again recently, curious to see if it still had the same impact, or if I liked it best simply because it was the first I read.

HIDEAWAY From the Author

Although these days Koontz has adopted a faster paced, more modern writing style, Hideaway was written back in the day when Koontz wrote in a style similar to Stephen King causing endless comparisons to each other: I did have some problems following the book, this synopsis looks better by others.

That was always my second favorite and the second of his I read? For those like myself who enjoyed “The Bad Place”, “Hideaway” is another winner in the inimitable Koontz style featuring clear characters, incredibly well-described action and a breathtaking finale this time, set in an abandoned Orange County amusement park. It seemed fascinating to see a book by a writer who I haven’t read but am interested in so jumping into a story I had no clue of to begin with made it extra exciting!

In their very unique genius, the director and the studio execs kept the name Regina, but changed her into a moody sixteen-year-old sexpot.