In his forty years of teaching philosophy, Kreeft says the most effective way to accomplish this purpose is to read ophy means “the love of wisdom. “The popular author and philosophy professor Peter Kreeft presents this introduction to philosophy to help beginners not only to understand philosophy but also. After teaching philosophy for forty years, Peter Kreeft finds reading the Apology of Socrates to be the most effective way to help beginners “fall in love” with.

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Whether philosophy is easy, like watching a movie, or laborious, like childbirth, depends on whether you are only observing some other philosophers in action, passively, or actually philosophizing yourself, actively either in dialogue with another or aloneand on whether you are honestly trying to find the truth or just pretending, whether you are actually thinking or just imagining that you are thinking.

He focuses on Plato’s dialogues, the Apology of Socrates, as a model partner for the reader to dialogue with. Sep 15, Stuart rated it it was amazing. But the truth is, they are jealous of all such people as ourselves. No, we must not worry over them, but go to meet them.

And no two individuals’ claims have, in historical fact, been accepted and acted upon by more of hu- manity than the claims of these two. You have often said, “the thought came into my mind But, Socrates, my notion is that, on this point, there is no difference of opinion among the gods— not one of them but thinks that if a person kills another wrongfully, he ought to pay for it. Yes, Socrates, and things even more amazing, of which the multitude does not know.

Yes, Socrates, that is where we dif- fer, on these subjects. In this, as in many other ways, Socrates is to philosophy what Jesus is to religion. Have I indeed come to such a depth of ignorance that I do not know even this— that if I make one of my associates bad I shall risk getting some evil from him— to such a depth [of ignorance] as to do so great an evil inten- tionally, as you say?


Rhetoric loses its power in the face of death. May 28, Elizabeth added it. I will call the god in Delphi as witness of my wisdom” 2oe. In philosophy as in religion, pride is the deadliest sin. Jim Jindra rated it liked it Jul 31, The weapons of Socrates’ enemies are not truths but tricks, rhetorical tricks. The two greatest teachers of wisdom to our culture, our culture’s two most influential heroes, were both profoundly countercultural.

Terms must be clearly defined, reasons and evidence given, and assumptions ex- posed.

Apr 20, Al Datum rated it it was amazing. Your purses are full and your minds are empty. The Apology only tells about these two things; these other two dialogues show them.

It seems unjust to give any of Peter Kreeft’s books less than five stars, but this was certainly a good book. Not these things only, Socrates, but, as I just now said, I will, if you wish, relate to you many other stories about the gods, which I am certain will astonish you when you hear them.

Full text of “Philosophy by Socrates: An Introduction to Philosophy via Plato’s Apology”

The second standard is society, that is, human beings in a com- munity, whether democratic or not. The Sophists were hated even more in Athens than lawyers are in America which has 4 percent of the world’s population and 75 percent of the world’s lawyers.

Only you prophets can tell! For if you read any great book actively, especially if the book is in dialogue form, as Plato’s are, you find it talking to you: Lee Ward – – International Philosophical Quarterly 49 4: If we are that kind of materialist, we are the fools, who have not yet learned who we are in the most primary way. The postmodernists, especially the “deconstructionists”, like the ancient Sophists, are interested in human, ethical, and, above all, po- litical questions, and they are skeptics and subjec- tivists who call reason a disguise for power.

Socrates stands right in the middle of the classic case of the better man be- ing harmed by the worse and says it can never hap- pen! And what each one of them thinks noble, good, and just, is what he loves, and the opposite is what he hates?


What- ever the political or psychological uses or misuses of these words, that is what they mean. Obviously, mere knowledge, intelligence, cleverness, a Ph. If, indeed, they have dissensions, must it not be on these subjects? A democracy can be as ignorant, as prejudiced especially by fash- ion and popularityand as tyrannical as a monarchy. Socrates’ prophecy came true, both in Athens immediately after Soc- rates’ death and throughout the world for the rest of time, wherever the name of Socrates lived on.

For Socrates, your nonphysical self, your thinking and choosing self, is more real, more solid and substantial, and certainly more long-lasting, than your body.

Philosophy by Socrates : Peter Kreeft :

oreeft Should we not settle things by calculation, and so come to an agreement quickly on any point like that? If you can adequately prove it to me, I will never cease from praising you for your wisdom.

We could almost say that according to Socrates, anything worth teaching cannot be taught, and any- thing teachable is hardly worth teaching.

Mintz – – Educational Philosophy and Theory 46 7: Kreeft uses the Apology of Socrates kreegt to argue his case. Philosophy Exemplified based on Euthyphroand 3.

He claimed to have no wisdom, only to seek it. Socrates himself gives us a clue in his next words: Socrates in the Apology: No, I think that they deny wrongdoing.

Philosophy 101 by Socrates: An Introduction to Philosophy Via Plato’s Apology

David Farel rated it liked it Dec 16, But Socrates’ argument forgets that death is not just the unknown, it is death. And conscience seems to “speak” almost with a “voice”. Like a ghost, it is almost alive.

And therefore we need to end many of our in- quiries where Socrates ends the Apology: Other editions – View all Philosophy by Socrates: