KUBARK Manual: A User’s Guide to Torture? – The KUBARK manual was written by the CIA in the s as a means of standardizing interrogation techniques. Approved For Rel /08/ CIA-RDPR’N/+ Proposed Dispatch SUBJECT: KUBARK Retirement Program 1. KUBARK policy . PDF | A careful reading of the KUBARK manual is essential for anyone involved in Anticipating modern-day interrogation guides such as CIA’s “KUBARK.

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Although it is often necessary to trick people into telling what we need to kubafk, especially in CI interrogations, the initial question which the interrogator asks of himself should be, “How can I make him want to tell me what he knows? Is there a torture manual? Why a Draft Would Weaken the U. As is also true for the interrogation of provocateurs, thorough preliminary investigation will pay handsome dividends when questioning gets under way.

Such a person has usually had a great deal of over-indulgence in early life. Knowledge of subject matter and of the basic principles will not of itself create a successful interrogation, but it will make possible the avoidance of kubarj that are characteristic of poor interrogation. The same manual states the importance of knowing local laws regarding detention but then notes, “Illegal detention always requires prior HQS [headquarters] approval.

Is there a torture manual?

This work is of sufficient importance and relevance that it is no longer possible to discuss interrogation significantly without reference to the psychological research conducted in the past decade. Southern Ciz advised governments in Latin America that the manuals contained passages that did not represent U. He sometimes gratifies his feeling of secret superiority by provoking unjust treatment. The assessment of individuals is based upon the compilation and use of psychological as well as biographic detail.

In the June 11 to 18, four-part series, The Baltimore Sun printed excerpts of an interview with Florencio Caballero, a former member of Battalion His money and other possessions have for him a personalized quality; they are parts of himself.


Those concerned with the interrogation of defectors, escapees, refugees, or repatriates should know these references. KUBARK CI interrogations are designed, almost invariably, to yield information about foreign intelligence and security services or Communist organizations.

U.S. Army and CIA interrogation manuals

Interrogations conducted under compulsion or duress are especially likely to involve illegality and to entail damaging consequences for KUBARK. Old dogs can learn new tricks but not kubaek ways of learning them.

Remembering that time is on his side, the interrogator should arrange to get as much of it as he needs.

Swindlers and fabricators are usually interrogated for prophylactic reasons, not for kbuark information. Later portions of this manual explore this topic in more detail. His convictions that “something will turn up”, that “everything will work out all right”, is based on his need to avoid his own responsibility for events and depend upon a kindly fate.

There has been a good deal of discussion of interrogation cla vs. I know I will not be tortured and that under the procedures of western law I can conduct myself boldly. Perhaps the four qualifications of chief importance to the interrogator are 1 enough operational training and experience to permit quack recognition of leads; 2 real familiarity with the language to be used; 3 extensive background knowledge about the interrogatee’s native country and intelligence service, if employed by one ; and 4 a genuine understanding of the source as a person.

The interrogator should remember that he and the interrogatee are kuabrk working at cross-purposes not because the interrogates is malevolently withholding or misleading but simply because oubark he wants front the situation is not what the interrogator wants.

The CIA wrote a torture manual more than 50 years ago, and then gave it to Latin American dictators

In fact, it is a basic principle of interrogation that the questioner should have at his disposal, before querying starts, as much pertinent information as can be gathered without the knowledge of the prospective interrogatee. But the results of preliminary testing are often inconclusive, and detailed interrogation is frequently coa to confession and full revelation.


The Latin America Working Group criticized this: And like all other typologies, the system is plagued by overlap, so that some interrogatees will show characteristics of more than one group.

Usually the odds still favor the interrogator, but they are sharply cut by the training, experience, patience and toughness of the interrogatee. The interrogator’s ciw is to obtain useful information — facts about which the interrogatee presumably have acquired information. Retrieved from ” https: At best it can help readers to avoid the ci mistakes of poor interrogators. The ideal solution would be to avoid all categorizing.

As interrogation sources, optimistic characters respond best to a kindly, parental approach. Soon after, the U.

The CIA’s Torture Manual In Its Entirety, Part I | Stuff You Should Know

The proprietary interests of the host government will frequently dictate interrogation by a liaison service rather than by KUBARK. After this investigation, the Department of Defense discontinued the use of the manuals, directed their recovery to the extent practicable, and destroyed the copies in the field. The old adage that anticipation is worse than the experience appears to also have a basis in the shadowy field of torture. While the excerpts released by the Pentagon are a useful and not misleading kubxrk of the most egregious passages, the ones most clearly advocating torture, execution and blackmail, they do not provide adequate insight into the manuals’ highly objectionable framework.

Such an agent may feel confident enough not to be gravely concerned about himself. He may be generous to a fault, giving to others as he wants to be given to.