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He escorted a party to the ruins of Uxmal in February, [31] on what was possibly his last visit to a Maya ruin. Morley gave Merriam a tour of the area he believed would be best for excavation and restoration, a mound complex then known as the Group of One Thousand Columns which included the Temple civilizaion Warriors. He was particularly proficient at recovering calendar dates from well-worn and weathered inscriptions, owing to his great familiarity with the various glyphic styles of the tzolk’inhaab’ and Long Count elements.

Sylvanus Morley

They selected an area within what appeared to be the central plaza of the site, where the capitals of some columns lay exposed. In addition to his scholarly work, Morley thought it important to share his enthusiasm for the ancient Maya with the public.

Towards the end of the project Morley’s work on these was to be superseded somewhat by a more-comprehensive analysis made by Hermann Beyer in During the s, it also became evident that he had developed cardiac difficultieswhich would plague him for the remainder of his life.

In general, Morley held that the ancient Sylvnus had been the pre-eminent civilization of Mesoamerica, from which other cultures had drawn their influences. The Maya and their Neighbors. Thompson and Tatiana Proskouriakoff.

This research, conducted in the s and led by the anthropologist Robert Redfield as a Carnegie research associate, collected data and examined the cultural contrasts of indigenous Maya experience at sjlvanus “levels” of community — a traditional indigenous village, a peasant village, a town, and a city — which were analyzed in social anthropological terms as ‘types’ representing different degrees of societal isolation and homogeneity.

The Sacred and the Profane: This second Sylvanus G. These structures had frescoes which again exhibited a non-Maya style, or at least a hybrid of Maya and non-Maya. Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Catalog Record: La civilización maya | Hathi Trust Digital Library

However, the Carnegie excavations did add significantly to the corpus of available information, and are notable for their scope alone, if not for fine details and quality of research. This article is about the archaeologist. Despite the later reassessments that were to somewhat dull the shine of his achievements, Sylvanus Morley remains a notable and respected figure in Maya scholarship.


Slightly built and not noted for possessing a strong constitution, Morley saw his health deteriorate over the years spent laboring in the Central American jungles under often adverse conditions. As a director of archaeological excavation projects, Sylvanus Morley was well regarded and liked by his colleagues and his Carnegie board employers, his later movement to “lighter duties” notwithstanding.

Many Mayan scholars and archaeologists had their first research opportunity and employment under Morley’s tutelage working on the various Carnegie projects. Nevertheless, although he “detested” the jungle conditions, he persevered in his work with evident enthusiasm.

Morley’s The Ancient Maya was later detected to be a primary source used in several attempted forgeries of Mesoamerican conquest-era manuscripts, such as those known as Historias de la Conquista del Mayabthe ” Canek Manuscript “, and several others. However, this was in the midst of the Great Depression and funds for hiring were scarce; it was also not clear whether Morley had the appropriate authority to do so.

One notable critic, the famous anthropologist Franz Boaspublished a letter of protest in the December 20, edition of The Nation. During the —26 season, Thompson became well-acquainted with Morley, the two of them along with their wives the newly married Thompson was in fact on his honeymoon making several side-trips together.

La civilización maya – Sylvanus Griswold Morley – Google Books

Morley’s particular passion morlej the study of the Maya calendar and its related inscriptions, and in this respect, he made useful expositions that have withstood later scrutiny.

Apart from the archaeological investigations which were the main purpose of the Carnegie programme’s efforts under Morley, the programme also sponsored the undertaking of comparative field research on modern Yucatec Maya communities.

How long ago the site had been functionally abandoned not including the ongoing presence of local Maya farmers was not immediately apparent, although it appeared to have been recently, in comparison with the seemingly older abandoned sites of the central and southern Maya region.

Archaeologist Was a Spy: Oxford and New York: Maya Archaeologist 2nd American ed. However, the Maya did also exert a widespread covilizacion over neighboring contemporary cultures, one which was significant and not to be overlooked.

Sylvanus Morley – Wikipedia

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. After the close of the Chichen Sylvqnus Project, Morley began spending more time in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where he had lived half of the year every year since Their mission was to seek out evidence of pro-German and anti-American agitation in the Mexico-Central America region and to look for secret German submarine bases which proved non-existent.


His directorship over all of the Institute’s activities in the Maya region soon ran into difficulty. Morley and the Office of Naval Intelligence. Recent genetic studies have shown Morley to be largely correct in this, although the beginnings of its domestication 12, to 7, years ago pre-dates the establishment of anything resembling Maya society.

The sylvauns described various aspects of Maya culture and detailed some episodes from early Spanish colonial history; several also included illustrations civilzacion Maya glyphs.

Look in a Who’s Who in America and you will learn the facts. The later years of the project would increasingly concentrate on completing sylvansu restorative work on the principal structures, for Morley always had an eye on the dual purpose of the project: The chronology of Chichen Itza continues to be a source of debate, and the hoped-for answers to the mystery of the Classic Maya decline elusive wholesale “Mexicanisation” by invading forces ruled out by the lack of these indicators in the central and southern sites.

American Anthropological Association and affiliated societies. However, at the end of the season, Thompson left Carnegie’s employ to take up a post offered by Chicago’s Field Museum of Natural History.

The Mexican government was already at work restoring the massive pyramid, El Castillo. Proskouriakoff also morely on to establish a stellar career and a lifelong association with the Carnegie Institution; however, her researches ultimately provided the primary convincing evidence which later disproved much of what had been maintained by Thompson and Morley.

Thompson himself would later remark in reference to his time working for Carnegie: According to Redfield, the decreasing isolation and homogeneity moving from tribal to peasant village, to township, to urban center were causes of increased levels disorganization, secularization and individualization among the Maya. Hay; Ralph Linton; Samuel K. Confusingly, and remarkably, there were actually two Sylvanus Griswold Morleys whose careers were contemporaneous.

The novel Heart of the World by H.