audio about Lans Von Liebenfels the guy who produced the Ostara magazine that so Intrigued Herr Hitler. Jörg Lanz von Liebenfels – Ostara. 7 Liebenfels, Joerg Lanz von – Ostara Nr. 16 und 17 – Theozoologie oder Naturgeschichte der Goetter V. Ostara. Jörg Lanz von Liebenfels (July 19, – April 22, ) was a Austrian occultist, former Cistercian monk and founder of the Ariosophy.

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This vision in allegedly opened what List referred to as his “inner eye”, via which the “Secret of the Runes” was revealed to him. The contention of the founder of Mormonism, Joseph Smith see leftthat men could become Gods, along with his obsessive desire to breed sufficient suitable individuals for that purpose, through the institution of ‘celestial marriage’, had by now, in Germany and Austria, developed into a concept that by-passed the necessity of death, by breeding Gods here and now.

In nine months, she will again become the Great Mother.

Aristocracy of the Blood. KiebenfelsKing Philip IV of France mounted a “slanderous campaign”[1] to strip the Order of its economic and political influence.

Ostara 06 – 95 : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

In the preface of issue one in the 3. As spring reaches its midpoint, night and day stand in perfect balance, with light on the increase. He describes the extreme right as “opposed to parliamentary forms of democratic representation and hostile to pluralism.

No need to be fancy, just an overview.

Publication Von List claimed they were “revealed” to him while in an month state of temporary blindness after a cataract operation on both eyes in As a student of Guido von ListLanz further expanded his theories; other influences included Otto Weiningerof whom Lanz was a fervent follower. Mund also wrote biographies of Lanz and Wiligut. Schmid distinguishes four main currents: The young Sun God, symbolised by the swastikas, now celebrates a hierogamy liebenfeos marriage with the young Maiden Goddess, who conceives.

Ebook by Lanz von Liebenfels Jorg and a great. Excerpt from ‘The Lord of the Harvest’. The attributes and means by which Christian mysticism is studied liebdnfels practiced are varied.

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Vno, such as Liebenfels, who believed in the existence of super-beings, also believed that such super-beings could be bred. January Learn how and when to remove this template message. Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations. Aryans have liebejfels pair fewer chromosomes than other apes, with ape chromosomes 2 and 4 fusing into a large chromosome which contains remnants of the centromere and telomeres of the ancestral 2 and 4.


Readers of this publication included Adolf Hitler and Dietrich Eckart, among others. One shall remember that the swastika – and fascist movements are basically offspring of Ostara.

This page was last edited on 28 Decemberat Stift Heiligenkreuz Lanz became a monk in the Cistercian order inassuming the name Georg, and living vln the Heiligenkreuz monastery see right. Neither organization managed to attract a large member base; though, it is estimated that the order had around members, most prominent of which was the poet Fritz von Herzmanovsky-Orlando. There is no strong scholarly consensus as to whether Hitler was significantly influenced, directly or indirectly, by Lanz’s work, and no strong evidence that he was interested in the occult movement as a whole apart from its racial aspects, though the association has been repeatedly made by critics and occultists during and after the Third Reich.

One shall lans that the swastika – and fascist movements are basically offspring of Ostara. Changing his name to von Liebenfels, he proceeded to pursue spiritual enlightenment by other means, founding his own occult order, ‘The New Templars’. Furthermore, Lanz systematically analyzed the Old Testament in the light of his hypothesis, identifying and interpreting coded references to the ‘ape-men’ which substantiated an illicit practice of interbreeding between humans and “lower” species in antiquity.

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Rasse Beobachter: Lanz von Liebenfels – Theozoologie

This publication was mainly concerned with issues of religion and race, and Liebenfel’s articles called for revolt against the “subhuman races”, and in particular against the Jews. Ostara is the time when there is a celebration of the balance of the seasons and the passage of nigh into day. Inhe claimed to have been “enlightened” after finding the tombstone of a Knight Templar, and began developing his theories of “blue-blond Aryanism” and “lower races”.


Wilson, and Constance K.


According to the historian James Webb, the word also has “overtones of ‘nation’, ‘race’ and ‘tribe'”. Christian mysticism refers to the development of mystical practices and theory within Christianity. It is the vernal equinox. List and Liebenfels, early on, formed a mutual admiration society, and Liebenfels, not surprisingly, joined List’s Armanen Order.

Miscegenation – from the Latin ‘miscere’ ‘to mix’ and ‘genus’ “kind” is the mixing of different racial groups through marriage, cohabitation, sexual relations, or procreation. Founded in by the Cistercian monks of Heiligenkreuz Abbey as a seminary, for much of the 19th century, the college remained very small, with less than 20 seminarians and several Cistercian instructors.

From Darwin to Hitler: The principle, however, was the same. Lanz was once visited by the young Hitler, whom he supplied with two missing issues of the magazine. After Austria was annexed by Nazi Germany inLanz hoped for Hitler’s patronage, but Hitler banned him from publishing his writings and copies of Ostara were removed from circulation.

It has often been connected to mystical theology, especially in the Roman Catholic and Orthodox Christianity both the Eastern Orthodox and Oriental Orthodox traditions. He died shortly after the putsch, and was elevated during the Nazi era to the status of a major thinker and writer. The Armanen runes continue in lsnz today in esotericism and in currents of Germanic neopaganism. That same year published an article titled “Antropozoon Bible,” in which he argued that in a group, there were two quite distinct and humanities.