Nizami, poet of the most famous version of “Leyli and Majnun.” .. and Majnun” – Leyli va Majnun (Azeri) or Majnun Leyla (Arabic), or Lili-o Majnun (Persian).

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In some versions of the story, it is Leyli who dies first and then afterwards Majnun.

But he loves this anguished confinement and cannot stop msjnoon it, sealing an irreversible fate. Majnun in the desert among the wild animals, Bukhara But he was, nonetheless, a major poet of the Azeris and of the Ottomans whose literary language was much closer to classical Azeri than modern Turkish is now. They meet again later in their youth and Majnun wishes to marry Layla.

Aragon was crazy about her. According to rural legend there, Layla and Majnun escaped to these lelii and died there. In recent decades, several translations, adaptations and performances of this romance have appeared in English, of which those by Rudolf Gelpke originally in German and Colin Turner should be mentioned. Oriental Translation fund, ; second editionIndian reprint Layla and Majnun Arabic: But it is clear for lili as well as those who are more inclined with secular concerns that there is a gradation between the love of creatures and the love of God himself, the Creator.

Then comes the period of Nizami. This literary motif is common throughout the world, notably in the Muslim literature of South Majnonsuch as Urdu ghazals.

There are numerous editions of the romance majboon many countries, in a variety of forms. His influence on Ottoman literature was immense, especially on Ahmad Sinan Beheshti, who also lived in Herat for awhile. The movie aptly fit all the criteria of the sub-continent’s film industry: Another similarity between Aragon’s work and the Oriental traditions of courtly love is that the poems are intermingled with poetic prose.

And the music – traditional Indian raga – was celestial.


Encyclopædia Iranica

Please reorganize this content to explain the subject’s impact on popular culture, using references to reliable sourcesrather than simply listing appearances. Nizami’s legacy is immense as one of the strongest artistic and intellectual personalities of the second half of the 12th century. Hearing this, Layla’s husband rode with leii men into the desert to find Majnun. Even the Koran itself is a monument of poetic and epic language, even if it warned of the duplicity of poets and the dangerous fascination of musicians.

LEYLI O MAJNUN – Encyclopaedia Iranica

As the garden slowly withered, so did Layla: If you enter several tags, separate with commas. Leyla, therefore, is an instrument of God – woman as a way to God.

At first he becomes mad and his poetry becomes his salvation.

In the garden, the leaves were falling like tears. Majnun was overcome with grief and abandoned his home and family and disappeared into the wilderness where he lived a miserable life of solitude among the wild animals. In Azerbaijan, mugam is the immemorial tradition of the western part of the country, the mountainous Karabakh, specifically Shusha, the wounded heart of the country where male, female and young boys’ voices are equally talented and praised.

Every element present in the human soul is kept alive in Nizami’s vision, who never tries to evade these contradictions. They rarely play music without singers, and rarely do they sing except classical poetry, mainly love poems. Hundreds of newlyweds and lovers from India and Pakistandespite there being no facilities mjanoon an overnight stay, attend the two-day fair in June.

She arranges secret meetings with Majnun, and when they meet, they have no physical contact, rather they recite majnooon to each other from a distance.

Layla could not bear it and agreed to marry another man if Majnun would be kept safe from harm in exile. Another common source of Iranian poets and scholars during the Golden Age of Oriental Philosophie des Lumieres Ichraq of the th century is the ancient Greek philosophical heritage called the Prime Sciences al-Olum al-Awai’il.


The most popular version of this love story “Leyli and Majnun” was penned by Nizami Ganjaviwho lived and died in Ganja, an ancient city in Azerbaijan where his shrine stands today. Overcome with regret and loss, Majnun retreated inside of leli entirely and vowed to live in the desert until his own death.

Layla and Majnun – Wikipedia

In pictorial presentations, Majnun is depicted as an emaciated ascetic. July 15, Last Updated: They are buried side by side and their graves become a site of pilgrimage. Fuzuli, Leyli and Majnun by Fuzuli, trans. leiili

The first translation of the romance was an abridged verse rendition by James Atkinson published in ; this has been majmoon several times That agony, for me, will never have an end. His facility with the Persian language is extremely sophisticated and as difficult to understand for the average educated reader as is Hafiz’ poetry. Trying to ease the pain in the boy’s heart, Majnun’s father takes him to a sacred temple to ask for God’s help.

Huri, introduction by Alessio Bombaci, London, Privacy Policy Add Comment. For places in Iran, see Majnun, Iran. He immediately travelled to the place where Layla had been buried and there he wept and wept until he too surrendered to the impossible grief and died at the graveside of his one true love.

At about the time of Nizami, the shape of poetic writing starts to change. Passionate love ishg for the beauty of a creature gradually brings lovers to the love of all creatures and the beauty which is vested in them and then to the love of pure beauty, which is the eternal idea of beauty itself.