Le Grand Meaulnes has ratings and reviews. Sempre que me cruzava com este livro vinha ao Goodreads e ao ver a média de estrelas (3,77) perdia. : EL GRAN MEAULNES () by Alain Fournier and a great BRUGUERA: LIBRO AMIGO, , IDIOMA: CASTELLANO. : El gran meaulnes () by Alain Fournier and a great selection of similar New, Cubierta sucia, interior del libro en buen estado.

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Then one day Augustin Meaulnes — who is, of course, the great or grand Meaulnes of the title — enters his life.

Moreover, one mwaulnes cannot help but place important people in places where they cannot have been, or one feels their presence hanging over certain incidents that they were not part of. Le Grand Meaulnes meaulned. I started reading it again in a sunny May garden surrounded by birdsong – the first time I’d had a garden to myself; it proved the perfect place and bestowed the magic for the book to take on its own life.

When he does return, he fails to provide an explanation, seems distracted and aloof, and appears to be working on some sort of map.

He relates to Francois how he accidentally stumbled upon a beautiful old house–what he will later call “the lost domain” –in the middle of a forest. It’s to me Schrodinger’s Cat or some other weird, quantum paradox.

In other words the sensibility is that of a sensitive rustic intellectual; a character type I always find intriguing. However when she fails to appear, Frantz attempts suicide but fails.

The result was a haunting ability to remain in my memory with a sort of nostalgia for the reading that I have ra A unique and dream-like book about youthful ardour and longing. Meaulnes sneaked into an engagement party that was going on there. It’s so delicately perfect that I hesitate to describe it and review it in my clumsy words.


This melody, which I’ve never heard before, is a kind of prayer to happiness, an entreaty asking fate not to be too cruel, a salutation to happiness and at the same time a genuflexion But the truth is, I found your novel sappy.

As Gopnik observes, Alain-Fournier places “what is essentially a medieval allegory of love in the terms of a late nineteenth-century realist novel.

Le Grand Meaulnes, the protagonist, is an adventurous, charismatic wanderer who stumbles across a lost chateau where partyg Most French people read this book at school and a recent poll in France made it the sixth best book of the 20th century. It is important to remember that Francois, from some distance in years, in narrating the tale, is, with fondness and some sorrow, looking back to his own childhood. He becomes a wanderer. Glad to have read a Alain-Fournier.

He infiltrates the party and subsequently meets a beautiful girl, Yvonne.

Le Grand Meaulnes

As it is, it would have been appreciated as a book in grann own right, capturing as it does the idyll of quiet country life, before the advent of motor vehicles. Long live Yvonne de Galais! View all 4 comments. This passage of lkbro life, mixed with childhood memories in Sologne, will give him the theme of the “great Meaulnes”which yran wrote at the age of 27, a year before he died under the German bullets of the Great War.

As for those who do not like this novel I tell them that they may have somewhat forgotten the magic of adolescence? In fact, he made it immortal by putting his experience — of that loving and hurting — by writing this novel, Le Grand Meaulnes. Most of the writing of Alain-Fournier llbro published posthumously: As ofseveral English translations were available: The lady setting out for the enchanted isle will become a housewife and mother; the absent bride at the wedding feast threatens to become a prostitute in Paris.

And you must understand: Your remains weren’t identified untiltrue, but do you know that without yogurt, steel cut oatmeal, goji berries and banana congeal like pond scum when blended with almond milk?


Meaulnes does return, after some years, and after having brought Frantz and Valentine back together. Or maybe, having discovered Woody Allen before James Dean, it’s because I’m sentimental for my own sort of coming-of-age story. Dec 05, Lizzy rated it it was amazing Shelves: At the chateau Meaulnes falls in love with Yvonne. And then, I entered perchance into one of these book-exchange bazaars here in Warsaw a few years ago, and there it was: Haven’t been able to find a free English translation.

As such it makes WWI all the more personal, as we are introduced and welcomed into a part of the world that was destroyed forever.

Le Grand Meaulnes – Wikipedia

And I wasn’t entirely convinced of Meaulnes’ status among the boys, or that I agree with the blurb’s assertion that he as a character is ‘unforgettable’.

While time moves on, while the day will soon end and I already wish it gone, there are men who have entrusted all their hopes to it, all their love gan their last efforts. Although Le Grand Meaulnes sometimes translated as The Wanderer or The Lost Estate was written inwhich was more in the decadent or modernism era, this lovely, mysterious novel falls definitely into the category of late Romanticism.

The relief was inspired by Alain-Fournier ‘s book and is a tribute to the missing people of World War One. Alain-Fournier’s one and only novel due to his tragic death during the first world meeaulnes evokes dreamlike memories of a bygone era, with an evocative and moving friendship all surrounding a long lost love.