An Aspiring Breslover asks: When learning pieces in Likutey Halachos associated with a lesson in Likutey Moharan that I am focusing on. Question: In honor of Reb Noson’s yahrtzeit (10 Teves), I would like to make a new start in studying Likutei Halachos. But what can I do that I. Likutei Halachos. ליקוטי הלכות חפץ חיים ג”כ סעט. Item # Our Price: $ Size: ” X “. Qty. Bedtime Stories Of Middos and Good Deeds Volume 4.

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When we will persist to keep on studying, each time we learn we will start understanding more and more. Machon Habashan Light weight and affordable set of Likutei Halachot with soft covers. And all this transpired through the holy force of her husband, Mordechai, who guarded her the whole time; she likutej ‘immerse herself from Achashveirosh’s lap and sit in Mordechai’s lap’ Megillah 13b.

For the one that deserves to take her in holiness and likuhei — the halachoss tikkun spiritual rectification is through her, by way of raising and linking “time” to the concept of “above time”.

They can then continue, in order, from one idea to another, without anxiety or confusion. This is the reason why many people stop learning Likutei Halachos. This corresponds to “It happened in the days of Achashveirosh” and the chazal that ‘whenever Scripture states “it happened in the days of” it always signifies trouble. There is a war at stake over here, the battle over our very souls.

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The second alludes to the nekudah of our friends and peers, which shines to us in a different way. Many times we can read several pages and have no idea what he is trying to say.

Likutay Halachos – Gathering of Legal Teachings

This corresponds to the verse further on 2: The solution for all of this is to be diligent in studying Likutei Halachos every day, page after page, until one starts to grasp a little of the light which is hidden in his words.


Does a person need to be convinced to go into Gan Eden?

One hundred and twenty seven provinces”. For they merited an aspect of annulment of time, meriting to raise and link time to the aspect of “above time”, where everything can be turned halxchos for the good.

We just have to break through in the beginning, to get to know the Sefer. You will nalachos begin to see how each word of Likutei Halachos is a diamond, and not a single word is superfluous.

Chana Siegel 3 years ago Reply. If I can suggest another perspective and approach: This site uses cookies. I had assumed they were completely different works, but from the questions asked above, it sounds like you are saying that Likutei Moharan is a distillation of Likutei Halachot according to specific subjects. Quote of the Day. The Year Chronicles. But we should mention a piece of advice for those attempting this, which is that since every Drush in Likutei Halachos is based on a Torah in Likutei Moharan, if possible, it would be worth looking into that Torah.

Also see Ki Tetze page a. The tzedekes Esther “requested nothing” since she had so completely annulled her ego that she was not even touched. This is reflected in the verse 2: Very quickly we can come to the conclusion that perhaps this is not for me. But this is not always what we find. There is a subjective factor in avodas Hashem that we need to get in touch with. This is an aspect of the power of the amazing and awesome miracle of Purim that occurred through the taking of Esther to Achashveirosh’s palace.

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How to Learn Likutey Halachos?

The entire order of times depends on her; everything is contingent upon her. Thus, the main miracle was through their meriting ascending to the aspect of “above time” and thereby turning everything around for the good.

They should put themselves into learning it from the beginning, in order, little by little. Our heavenly antagonists are not as concerned with our health and livelihood as much as not lkiutei us bring into our minds and hearts the teachings of Reb Noson, through which we can already taste Gan Eden hakachos our lifetime.


More detailed description will B”H appear here. We explained before, at length, that this is lukutei fundamental of the concept of “conjugal joining in holiness”. The one that causes a blemish in this falls further “subject to time”. And so it was that the sitra achara thought that the taking of Esther to Achashveirosh would cause everything to be drawn “under time” – being that the entire order of times depends on her — and so allow him to intensify over Israel, whose entire holiness and power derives from the concept of “above time”.

When learning pieces in Likutey Halachos associated with a lesson in Likutey Moharan that I am focusing on, which approach below would you recommend?: It is also good to hear lessons and to work out ideas from Likutei Halachos with friends.

Likutei Halachot

In other compilations Rebbe Nosson simply clarifies and expounds on the teachings of Rebbe Nachman. Rather, the matter was turned over completely. To subscribe to our weekly newsletter, please email: She merited such annulment – to the point that Achashveirosh never touched her at all, according to the Zohar Tikkun 21, page 57b. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Includes the Tikkun Haklali.

We have to start setting aside time to learn Likutei Halachos. Machon Habashan Light weight and affordable set of Likutei Halachot with hard covers. By An Aspiring Breslover October 31, Esther, however, was a very awesome and great tzedekes righteous woman. For the root of all trouble and harm is “under time”, corresponding to “it happened in the days of” i.