Lost Victories has ratings and 48 reviews. Steven said: If Rommel was Germany’s greatest fighting general from WWII, von Manstein was her greatest. That is what Field Marshal von Manstein suggests in his title, Lost Victories. By the summer of , after defeating France, Hitler’s Germany was master of. Lost Victories by Erich Manstein, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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The growth of partisans behind the German is similarly whitewashed. With disdain he describes the Fuhrer who he and millions serve as a clever yet amateurish military bungler who if he followed von Manstein suggestions may have fought the Russians down to a standstill.

Lost Victories : Erich Manstein :

Manstein was a proud German officer of the Prussian tradition, which led to repeated contretemps with Hitler over how the war in the East should be conducted. Could somebody combine this kindle book to the rest of the editions 3 Jan 31, The title ‘Lost Victories’ is aptly named. But officers can think that. He never was a Nazi, just a German soldier dedicated to his country who gave his best and lost his son in efforts for his country and fellow soldiers.

German soldiers were brave, did their duty, didn’t pillage, didn’t torture, the Soviet’s were brutal, and my favorite, were the victims of a totalitarian system! Search WorldCat Find items in libraries near you. While some may argue that hindsight is alwaysManstein provides his rationales for his proposals which are generally sound and probably would have changed the course of the war.

Lost Victories : War Memoirs of Hitlers Most Brilliant General [Paperback]

The book begins with a very brief description of Manstein’s service prior to the s, having reached the rank of Captain by the end of World War I. It did not matter how many times the German tank units won, there was always more enemy to face on another day.


But this one could get used after a while. After realizing how important von Manstein was, his memoires showed how it was done It took me fifty years to understand who Erich von Manstein was, an orphan adopted into a family with a Prussian military tradition and with his new grandfather who had successful commanded an army, von Manstein desired to follow in those footsteps.

It was originally published in in German and the edition that I just re-read dates to In retrospect, perhaps his book takes on an even greater significance.

Perhaps that is bias on my part. Manstein seemed to ignore the terrible and inhuman things the German army was responsible for on the Eastern Front. Indeed, Manstein, from a military perspective chose the least worst option throughout much victogies the campaign on the Eastern Front.

Full text of “Erich Von Manstein Lost Victories”

The scope manstrin the book lasts until the removal of Manstein as chief los the Army Group acting in the South of the Soviet Union. There is great poignancy in Manstein’s recalling the desperate situation in Stalingrad, as General Paulus followed Hitler’s stupid order to defend at all costs.

He and his troops performed very well, but as they were nearing their goal, Manstein was suddenly transferred to the Ukraine to take over 11th Army of Army Group South.

Trivia About Lost Victories: He was Gerd von Rundsted’s chief of staff during the Polish campaign. New publisher Zenith Press is to be commended for republishing it. It would have also been interesting to learn how he finished the war vicories his observations of the final year of the war after his remo v.

In this case, the memoir of V. His “Panzer drive” is described in a page chapter. I’d read elsewhere the average life expectancy of a Soviet soldier on the front line was only 13 days.

It is a bit repetitive and tedious as seemingly every deployment of his forces is described. The eclipse of O. While there is certainly a great deal of truth in the idea that Hitler kept his generals compartmentalized there is also strong evidence that on manztein whole they know more than they cared to admit.


Manstein displayed operational brilliance on many occasions, but he was continually hamstrung by Hitler’s “to the last man” directives, his parsimonious supply of reinforcements and replacements, and his refusal to make decisions on a timely basis.

Lost victories.

Fascinating insight from a man who was there when it happened, that said a lot of Manstein’s words involve plenty of blame shifting for Germany’s fortunes during the war – mistakes made by the OKW such as the infamous Halt Order at Dunkirk were often wrongly attributed to Hitler it was in fact Army Group A commander Gerd von Rundstedt who pushed for the halt, with Hitler merely validating the order many hours later.

As Martin Blumenson notes in his “Introduction” pages Allow this favorite library to be seen by others Keep this favorite library private. Just a few thousand pounds, nothing like modern jets. The lesson is, a dictator, will more likely to listen to whoever he considers royal to him always saying yesnot whoever has the best ideas, especially when the time it gets tough and he feel his authority is getting challenged.

While this incident certainly provides a logical and convenient stopping point, one certainly would have appreciated his thoughts on the final year of the war, even if he was no longer actively in command. Find a copy in the library Finding libraries that hold this item