Revelation has 20 ratings and 2 reviews. PlatKat said: When I finished reading The Game, Sean had another book for me. This was more of a how-to guide th. Revelation. Front Cover. Lovedrop. Venusian Arts, – Dating (Social customs ) – pages Bibliographic information. QR code for Revelation. Venusian Arts’s Revelation reviews by real consumers and expert editors. See the good and bad of James Matador Stan Tayi, Lovedrop Chris Odom, Mystery.

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It’s psychological you know. Every Single PUA should read!

And some locedrop us are fucking machines. I know that it is no big deal. Plus, I even recognized a little bitt of RSD in there. It is not uncommon for a student’s tonality to sound too flat and unemotional, so we revelaton people to really stretch their bound- aries so that they can get a feel for just what a wide range of response can be generated through tonality alone. I was using my laptop in the lobby of my apartment complex when a guy approached me and asked if the lobby had free wireless.

Of course there are always exceptions due to circumstance. On the other hand, high-value people loovedrop accustomed to getting what they want. Robert Radoslav marked it as to-read Mar 03, Most likely the comment passes through without affecting you, and you just laugh and toy with her. She later reports to her friends that she found this behav- ior to be wholly disgusting and unattractive.

For example, if you meet a lady at a bar, then you are just some guy she met in the bar. Use pauses — they will rivet attention to your words. Matadors “Zen of Cool” in addition to Lovedrops nuggets of knowledge about humor and persona are priceless.


When we feel attraction to oovedrop, we try to gain their interest, and try to attract them so that they will also desire an alignment. The more time that a woman spends with you, the more certain she will feel that her impression of you is genuine and legiti- mate, and not just an act. The answer is that it’s obvi- ous once you in the field, which guys are the clowns, and which ones are the cool, peacocked, rock-star guys. This practice also provides useful information. User Reviews of Revelation.

The most fluid and easily understood explanation lovdrop how good inner game comes across that I have ever read. Some things, like fire and food, just have a primal effect. It’s important to practice conveying real emotion in your face as you are speaking.

Lovedrop (Chris Odom)

Value indicators can be embedded into stories and speech, allowing us to trigger attraction just through con- versation. Neither do they necessarily have any great knowledge about the motivational systems that are driving their behavior.

COM This same mechanism even extends to our memories, which are prioritized based on the intensity of feeling. For example, a woman might find it romantic when a man shares a vulnerability with her in conversation.

People who need attention or approval from others will end up as their clown. Mystery is under attack. For practice purposes, use this same item as a lock-in prop when practicing group theory. The first and best example of an attraction switch is preselection. When talking to a group of people, engage them all with this same eye contact, moving your gaze from person to person, so that they all feel acknowledged and involved, and they all stay hooked while you hold court in their group.

This vibe causes people to treat you as if you have higher status.

No, they are both cor- rect. Help other users find the most helpful reviews Was this review helpful to you?


Venusian Arts: Revelations | Pick Up Artist and PUA Lingo

This is one of the key principles in microcalibration. The Elements of a Good Vibe When it comes to vibing, what elements are most important to the practicing venusian artist? What other items do customers revelagion after viewing this item? Paradoxically, such feelings are more and more my normal expe- rience. When women give you attention and flirt with revvelation, it will rvelation other women to desire you as well.

COM Don’t lean in, and she will come to you. When a person is feeling devalidated, he is most motivated to minimize investment risk, and is most likely to snub others.

When your calibration is tight, she will always be willing to move with you, because you would never try to get more compliance unless lovdrop already knew that you were going to get it. Rather, the critical point is that you told her something that you hadn’t told anyone else. This book contains the knowledge I was seeking when I got into the game. For example, telling a story that includes a DHV demonstration of high value spike such as an incidental detail where some girl gave you indicators of interest.

Visual the way you lookBehavioral the way you actand Social the way that people react to you. This book is full of useufll insight more than usefull examples, however it does include usefull examples!

To accomplish preselection in our game, lovwdrop use locking-in, embedded preselection in stories, entourage female friendspawns, and pivots.