I am Associate Professor at the Department of Philosophy in the University of Campinas (Unicamp), Brazil (since ; tenured in ; Associate since ) . I am professor of the Department of Philosophy at the University of Campinas, Brazil. My main interest is Aristotle’s philosophy, especially his. Lucas Angioni. University of Campinas. Abstract. These are commentaries to the translation into Portuguese of Nicomachean Ethics VI, found in the same.

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Mar Publication Name: I argue that the six requirements give no support for an intepretation in terms of Eudemian Ethics II-2, ba4 more.

Some scholars have taken the passage as introducing a false principle about explanation or even a fallacy of conversion. In what sense there is no science of corruptible things: Preliminary translation of Plato’s Greater Hippias into Portuguese.

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Lucas Angioni – – Campinas, Lucax See also See also: Create an account to enable off-campus access through your institution’s proxy server. From the standpoint of the methodology found in NE II, I argue that the standard view about hexis does not deliver an adequate story about how the chapters of NE II are connected with each other.

Laura Felline – – In M.

The six requirements can be consistently understood in a very different picture, according to which the most basic feature of a scientific demonstration is to explain a given proposition by its appropriate cause.

Isabel de Oliveira E. One prominent feature is explanatory relevance.

Lucas Angioni – CFUL

Sep 10, Publication Name: I argue that the six requirements give no support for an interpretation in terms of A Philosophiae ,ucas de Gregor Reisch. These claims have been traditionally understood in terms of My central focus is not to discuss whether Aristotle is prescribing and using what has been called the method of endoxa. Aristotle’s hylomorphism is related to teleology and irreducibility. I discuss in this paper the six requirements Aristotle advances at Posterior Analytics A-2, 71b, for the premisses of a scientific demonstration.


Scientific demonstration ultimately depends on the fully appropriate explanatory factor for a given explanandum. Aug 21, Organization: The full explanation of the features of living Andrei Vanin – – Gavagai 1 2: The Ways of Aristotle: Lucas Angioni – – Journal of Ancient Philosophy 3 1: This paper attempts to clarify the nature and the importance of a third kind of sophistic argument that is not always found in the classification of those arguments in the secondary literature.

In what sense is character virtue more exact than craft? Causality and coextensiveness in Aristotle’s Posterior Analytics 1. I claim that the three key notions presuppose the triadic-explanatory context of a demonstration and, most importantly, are focusing on the explanation qua explanation.

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The passages are these: Kata sumbebekos knowledge, on the other hand, can occur even when the predicate of a conclusion is coextensive with its subject and is proved by a convertible meson which is not the most appropriate from an explanatory standpoint.

Aristotle begins with a more general account of essence and definitions, which is based on merely logical-epistemic requirements, but at a But phronesis cannot be parasitic on moral virtue concerning the conception of ends, for otherwise it will lack intrinsic moral value. I will focus on how this passage coheres with the remaining parts of the same chapter, which also are advancing methodological remarks.


I claim that there are priority relations according to which some kinds of cause are subordinated to others, even if these relations do not hold in every cases. History of Western Philosophy. Find it on Scholar.

My main proposal is that the way in which “hexis” is understood in the angkoni of previous chapters allows Aristotle xngioni encode in it the notion of an ability to do the right things regularly.

Lucas Angioni University of Campinas. A Journal for the History of Philosophy 18 1: An old paper from my student days Journal Name: The translation, which was made at with a new printing inwas preliminary and its publication was intended to provide a didactic tool for courses as well as a provisional resource in research seminars.

However, I argue that, quite to the contrary, Aristotle has a consistent theory about matter. Demonstration in Ancient Greek and Roman Philosophy. This paper is concerned with the arguments Aristotle presents for the principle of non-contradiction PNC in Metaphysics IV 4 a b Edit this record Mark as duplicate Export citation Find it on Scholar Request removal from index Translate to english Revision history.

Science Logic and Mathematics. The text of this talk is an ancestor of what has been developed in two texts published later, angloni on Necessary Principles and on Explaining X through the Essence of X’Studia Philosophica Estonicaand ‘Aristotle’s Lucaw Translated into English.