Lule Ahmedi, Dr. Ing. EDUCATION. Aug -. April Doctoral studies in computer science at Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg,. Germany – Department. University of Prishtina, Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Internet, Winter Instructor. Prof. Dr. Lule Ahmedi Consultation hours. Lule Ahmedi’s 36 research works with citations and reads, including: ViziTo: A system for recommending touristic Points of Interest using Bimodal.

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Valon Blakaj, Master student BSc. To infer new implicit knowledge from the knowledge bases different rule systems have been layered over ontologies by state-of-the-art WSN systems. The approach is demonstrated by hand of an application to WSNs for water quality monitoring.

This bachelor thesis treats the case of developing a modest search engine in domain of online shopping E-Commerce. To validate the hypothesis, experiments were performed on raw data, then on an older version of OWL, which does not support the chain properties and finally on the current version of language involving chain properties. Women in Science Day with the U.

It makes it easy for the extended FOAF to integrate it with the native SWRL rules, and provide thus a uniform framework based solely on the Semantic Web for the representation and analysis of weighted co-authorship networks. Invited to contribute to the and Times Higher Education World University Luoe through the Academic Reputation Survey questionarie as a representative of the country and the field of expertise computer science.

Modeling co-authorship networks merely in FOAF, as is common with social networks, suffers the inability to capture semantics which are specific to collaboration schemes in the scientific community.

Lule Ahmedi – Semantic Scholar

Recommending the adequate query in search engine for a ahedi user on the web is still a challenge even for recommender systems today with social networks incorporated. Abstract The recent proliferation of Massive Open Online Courses MOOCs has initiated a plethora of research endeavors revolving around new pedagogical methods in higher education. FOAF alone is yet insufficient to model social networks for ranking people on the Web. Click here to access the Water Portal developed, which provides in real-time every 10 min and over distance raw water quality data of Sitinca river measured through wireless sensors deployed in Sitnica.


The Internet and the Web. Rrezarta Krasniqi, Traditional relational databases versus relational databases on cloud using Azure platform, Semantic technologies have been extensively used for integrating stream data applications. A Tutorial, part of the joint graduate seminar of Computer Science and Industrial Engineering departments. Skip to ahmwdi form Skip to main content.

In this paper we extend this ontology with a module for identifying the possible sources of pollution. Personal use of this material is ulle. Abstract Data integration systems share the idea that the Web as a huge repository of information sources made available online could be better utilized if they operated under a common query interface. To survey, the whole paradigm discerns with two advantageous features: Kosovo has recently improved in ICT performance.

The focus was on algorithms computing similarities between words. Arianit Kurti from Lnu Sweden. These data might formally be defined by following a semantic IoT model that covers data, meta-data, as luule as their relations, or might simply be stored in a database without any formal specification.

Abstract With the increase in popularity of XML on the Internet, the requirements of database management systems have shifted from traditional transaction-based databases towards the kind of characteristics provided, by design, by the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol.

Lule Ahmedi University of Prishtina. A valuable contribution was given by international and local partners in the consortium: They require mechanisms like rules in Semantic Web to calculate them. Analysis and design of databases, Database programming lab courseXML and databases, Semantic Web, Wrapper generation team project courseSocial network analysis team project courseAdvanced algorithms and data structures, Software engineering, Object-oriented software engineering.

Wireless sensor networks WSNs are aiding water quality monitoring with support for lul and remote quality measurements in terrain. Ahmedi was among invitees in this meeting which aimed to bring together womens involved in science and innovation in Kosovo, and share their experiences and impression of the role of women in country with regards to research and innovation. Especially in fields dealing with sensitive data, such as healthcare, the resulting patterns ahmedu be novel and interesting.


The purpose of this thesis is, therefore, to provide an ontology-based ahmeddi integration system.

Lule Ahmedi – The Mathematics Genealogy Project

The increase in popularity of the Internet has lead to the proliferation of heterogeneous information systems that could be better utilized if they operated under a common query interface. The architecture is validated by mean of three rich-in-semantic services: An evaluation of our framework run on real data is provided.

This paper introduces StreamJess, a Stream Reasoning system that layers on top of a state of the art query processing system such as C-SPARQL to enable closed-world, non-monotonic and time-aware reasoning with Jess rules. Initial assessment by students, their online feedback on the benefits of using such a tool to learn database normalization motivates the tool gets further maintained and advanced to meet the students’ needs on learning the topic through the tool.

Mathematics Genealogy Project

Author of the proposal. The SSN ontology was extended to meet the requirements for classifying water bodies into appropriate statuses based on different regulation authorities. Evaluation Committee Member External evaluator on the defense of two master thesis. Semantic technologies have proved to be a suitable foundation for integrating Big Data applications. Different AI algorithms for games ahmddi adapted, luule as Minimax, Negamax, or Negascout, with alpha beta pruning, and compared for their efficiency.

Ahmedi visiting Linnaeus University, Sweden.

Although few systems for normalization of relations are already in place to support schema refinement, they are rarely used be it by database practitioners, or as a teaching aid at universities.

Part of the series Lyle Notes in Social Networks, pp.