No Treason: The Constitution of No Authority. December 9, Lysander Spooner. The greatest case for anarchist political philosophy ever written. Narrated by. No Treason has ratings and 56 reviews. Marcus said: Long before the the Civil War started, Lysander Spooner was a strong abolitionist and was extreme. No Treason, Vol. VI.: The Constitution of No Authority by Lysander Spooner. No cover available. Download; Bibrec.

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This is still in line with his principles as he also advocated for using violence to free slaves from Southern oppressors. He then describes a scenario in which people who resist subjugation might be killed, even by the hundreds of thousands. There are at least two cases in which one can reasonably be considered to accede to the social contract.

S government come from “the People”. Nevertheless, the writer thinks it proper to say that, in his opinion, the Constitution is no such instrument as it has generally been assumed to be; but that by false interpretations, and naked usurpations, the government has been made in practice a very widely, and almost wholly, different thing from what the Constitution itself purports to authorize.

And Congress and the president are today the merest tools for these purposes. If any number of men, many or few, claim the right to govern the people of this country, let them make and sign an open compact with each other to do so.

All this we had professed for nearly a hundred years. But with so-called civilized peoples, among whom knowledge, wealth, and the means of acting in concert, have become diffused; and who have invented such weapons and other means of defense as to render mere physical strength of less importance; and by whom soldiers in any requisite number, and other instrumentalities of war in any requisite amount, can always be had for money, the question of war, and consequently the question of power, is little else than a mere question of money.

For him, keeping the South in the union meant violently forcing a large group of people the Southerners to be subjected by a government to which they no longer consented. Definitely Spooner was ahead of his time. Taking voluntarism to its logical conclusion – there can be no authority ex Spooner’s tractate really only makes one point: Spooner makes a tightly reasoned case as to why the Constitution is no legal binding contract.

And it has no other obligation than a similar oath given to any other unknown body of pirates, robbers, and murderers. Neither law nor reason requires or expects a man to agree to an instrument, until it is written ; for until it is written, he cannot know its precise legal meaning.

The obvious reply would be to deny such a claim.

No Treason, Vol. VI.: The Constitution of No Authority by Lysander Spooner

We professed long ago to have learned that governments could rightfully exist only by the free will, and on the voluntary support, of those who might choose to sustain them. It is mere idle wind.


And not one of them probably ever would have signed it in any way to bind himself by it, as a contract. So these villains, who call themselves governments, well understand that their power rests primarily upon money.

The state, by contrast, jabs the gun in your ribs and demands continual tribute and uses akthority goons to extract it and at no risk to the elites who control governments. The meaning of this is: They are not only criminal in themselves, and therefore void; but they are also void lysadner the further reason that they are given to nobody.

Spooner is outraged at the fact that the state claims to act in the name of liberty and a free government and questions the idea of consent to it himself.

Lysander Spooner was an American individualist anarchist, entrepreneur, political philosopher, abolitionist, supporter of the labor movement, and legal theorist of the nineteenth century. But as soon as we question it the arguments of Spooner become unnecessary for their purpose is already served. There is no privity as the lawyers say — that is, no mutual recognition, consent, and agreement — between those who take these oaths, and any other persons. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

No open, avowed, or responsible association, or body of men, can come forward and say to him: If I have intrusted him, as my agent, with either absolute power, or any power at all, over the persons or properties of other men than myself, I thereby necessarily make myself responsible to those other persons for any injuries he may do them, so long as he acts within the limits of the power I have granted him.

No Treason – Wikipedia

Because, to save his own life in battle, a man takes the lives of his opponents, it is not to be inferred that the battle is one of his own choosing. It is of no obligation, not merely because it is intrinsically a criminal one, but also because it is given to nobodyand consequently pledges my faith to nobody. He does not pretend that he has any rightful claim to your money, or that he intends to use it for your own ben Spooner makes a tightly reasoned case as to why the Constitution is no legal binding contract.

I am therefore ready to take this oath, and to co-operate with tthe others, similarly selected, who are ready to take the same oath. Also, I see his oft-reviled repetitions pedantry? Those who give such votes may reasonably be supposed to have voted as they did, with a special intention, not to support, but to obstruct the execution of, the Constitution; and, therefore, against the Constitution itself.

All of these ideas are outside of the acceptable norm of the mainstream now. It never bound anybody, because it was never agreed to by anybody in such a manner as to make it, on general principles of law and reason, binding upon him. I spoonr rather discuss a couple of the other ideas he presents. He does not pretend that he has any rightful claim to your money, or that he intends to use it for your own benefit. Yet the act of voting cannot properly be called a voluntary dpooner on the part of any very large number of those who do vote.


The enslaved people are, of course, forced to support and pay all these murderers, as well as to submit to all the other extortions which these murderers are employed to enforce.

No Treason, Vol. VI.: The Constitution of No Authority by Lysander Spooner – Free Ebook

He sees, too, that other men practice this tyranny over him by the use of the ballot. But the robbery is none the less a robbery on that account; and it is far more dastardly and shameful.

If one takes into account the hugely positive example set by Spooner, it is easy to forgive him his obvious faults. How, then, is it possible, on any general principle of law or reason, that spolner that are binding upon nobody individually, can be binding upon forty millions of people collectively, when, on general and legitimate principles of law and reason, these forty millions of people neither have, nor ever had, any corporate property?

No Treason

coonstitution It is easy to defend aggression against the life, liberty and property of citizens when it is done in the name of the “people” – even when the “people” have never actually agreed to anything the state, in its capacity as the self-appointed representative of the citizens, does.

The Constitution also enables them to secure the spokner of all their laws, by giving them power to withhold the salaries of, and to impeach and remove, all judicial and executive officers, who refuse to execute them.

And all oaths that purport to be given to such an association are necessarily given only to the winds.

His voice is s;ooner one of several millions. If I gave him absolute, irresponsible power over myself, I made him my master, and gave myself to him as a slave. If you thought I was fool enough to allow you to keep yourselves concealed, off use me as your tool for robbing other persons; or that I would take all the personal risk of the robberies, and pay over the proceeds to you, you were particularly simple.

All of these ideas are outside of the acceptable If I had read this book 10 or even 5 years ago the ideas would have blown my mind, but many of these ideas are familiar to me either by hearing them discussed in libertarian podcasts or because I logically came to the same conclusions based on the NAP.

And it is of no importance whether I called him master or servant, agent or owner. If any one should assert that there is such an association, let him prove, if he can, who compose it. Therefore, in order or a government to work, consent needs to be present from the people.