My thanks to the good folks at Chess Life for allowing me to do so. —–. Maizelis, Ilya. The Soviet Chess Primer. trans. John Sugden. Glasgow. Chess player profile of Danielius Maizelis [Даниелюс Маизелис]: Chess Games, Play Style, Ranking, Tournament History and Community comments. The Soviet Chess Primer, by Ilya Maizelis, Quality Chess , Paperback, Figurine Algebraic Notation, pp. $ (ChessCafe Price.

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The few references to Maizelis that exist in English describe him as a translator and endgame analyst, with special expertise in pawn endings and technical rook endings. Like Morphy and Fischer Alpha Zero is done.

The Soviet Chess Primer by Ilya Maizelis, Improvement chess book by Quality Chess

Magnus Carlsen–did he use cheat codes at world championship? All of Book Three is omitted.

Despite my reservations about the title, The Soviet Chess Primer is a fine book and its acclaim is deserved. I’ll struggle with the language to put it mildly! Both Karpov and Kasparov are quoted on the cover, and they both love this book.

Latest Russian version of Chess by Maizelis – Chess Forums –

This review has been printed in the June issue of Chess Life. The Eng version and the Rus version have the same contents. That has answered my question completely. I really love the book and would like to get a hardback version which has the more extensive content.


This could be reasonable on account of the material being dated; extensive revision, amounting to writing the section over again, would be needed to bring it up to date. Nov 21, 3.

I have the paperback English translation. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Nov 20, 1. The breakneck pace of the book and the complex examples preclude me from thinking it appropriate for the beginner. Mwizelis translation by Maizslis Sugden reads well, and — as one mwizelis from Quality Chess — the production values are high. The picture below is the table of Contents of the Russian version, the contents in the red box are missing in the Eng and Rus versions, and the photos of players are gone as well.

This is a short history of Chess; it starts with section 1 on Chaturanga and Shatranj, goes on up through section 9 on Emmanuel Lasker and section 10 on Capablanca, and then continues with section 11 on Alekhine and section 12 on the Soviet school of chess. A big thank you CKLG for going to so much malzelis. The final group of omissions seems to be about material specific to being a chessplayer in the Soviet Union in ; details of what one must do to achieve the various norms, tables of how to pair players in tournaments.

Again, I suppose that omission is forgivable; the English speaker has access to what is presumably much better material covering the same territory. Chess books were hard to come by in the Soviet Union as demand was high and paper was often scarce. Nov 21, 4.


Danielius Maizelis

A penultimate and unedited version of the review is reproduced here. I’ll try to track down a s hardback Russian version.

There are certainly better primers in print today, but few books are more interesting than is The Soviet Chess Primer.

It should not surprise chexs that youthful attachment to cherished books would persist, and in this maizekis the attachment is justified. Nov 23, 6. Log In or Join. A quick glance at the table of contents would suggest that the English title is apt. DamonevicSmithlov 10 min ago. I have just checked the English version, the Russian version and the Russian version.

If maizeliis name is recognized at all, it is as a co-author of the classic Pawn Endings with Yuri Averbakh, although in truth Maizelis was its primary author. Such high regard may be surprising for an American audience, for whom Ilya Maizelis is something of a mystery.

So the parts that are missing are: My thanks to the good folks at Chess Life for allowing me to do so. So far, so good.