Mantak Chia – Cosmic Inner Smile. 1 Cosmic Inner SmileSmiling Heals the BodyMantak ChiaEdited by:Annette Dersken 2 Editor: Annette. The Inner Smile: Increasing Chi through the Cultivation of Joy [Mantak Chia] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A guide to the foundational. Editorial Reviews. Review. ” a positive force that can be used to redirect the inner strife, Twitter Pinterest. Kindle App Ad. Look inside this book. The Inner Smile: Increasing Chi through the Cultivation of Joy by [Chia, Mantak.

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Inner Smile Practice Front Line 1. Gypsy Novela rated it it was amazing Dec 25, Pay attention to any sensations you may feel. Feel gratitude for the liver’s work in detoxifying the body, helping to store blood, and producing bile.

Universal Healing Tao Article: Inner Smile and Six Healing Practices

Self- love smiling circuits then release healing nectar and self-hate messages release poisons that breed disease according to Taoism. Keep your back straight, but not stiff. Special thanks to Tao Garden, Thailand for their generous hospitality on her recent retreat there. Then recall your capacity for happiness by reliving that emotion. Feel the thymus gland become warm as it begins to vibrate and expand like a blossoming flower. With the arms straight, feel the pull at the back where the kidneys are; look up, and tilt the head back without straining.

The Lung Sound can help eliminate nervousness when in front of a crowd. Apr 14, Brian Sullivan rated it it was amazing. Smile inward with both eyes; collect the power of the smile in the third eye mid-eyebrow. Take a deep breath and, letting your eyes follow, raise the arms up in front of you. The Kidney Sound Position. Just as others respond to our loving smile, our cells soak up smiling rays, creating new cells from the inner love affair. Once again immerse the thymus, heart, lungs, liver, pancreas, spleen, kidneys, urinary bladder Fig.


Considering it takes only 26 muscles to smile and 62 muscles to frown, why wear the strain of a scowl? This sound, done in conjunction with the others, is more effective and healthier than using antacids.

Nor is it a spiritually superior or condescending smile but accepts everything as it is. You should feel a stretch that extends from the heels of the palms, along the forearms, over the elbows, along the upper arms and into the shoulders.

The inner smile is considered a complete, non-sectarian spiritual practice that will benefit everyone. Feel your spine expanding and elongating, making you taller.

The negative emotions are the body’s garbage. Feel the spinal cord and the back becoming loose and comfortable. Smile Infusion Once smiile are filled with an inner smile it naturally overflows to others.

When you have exhaled completely, sit up and slowly breathe in to the kidneys, imagining a bright blue energy as the quality of gentleness enters the kidneys.

Direct your Inner Smile’s eyesight. Move the inner smiling eyesight down to the midbrain. Some great exercises in here. The five major organ systems and their associated emotions and properties. Eunice Stephen rated it really liked it Dec 07, The kidneys are associated with the emotion of fear.


Physiologically, the liver is important for storing and rapidly releasing glucose into the blood. Women, start the spiral counterclockwise. As you exhale, empty all feelings of sadness, sorrow and grief from your lungs. Daniella rated it really liked it Dec 14, Follow the smiling down the Middle Line and then the Back Line.

After suffering from over-seriousness for many years her main ambition is to smile more. Send an inner smile to those you love, hate, empathise with and are indifferent towards. smils

Try to remember your best experience of ijner and fill your heart with that same feeling again. Feel your whole body being loved and appreciated.

The Inner Smile: Increasing Chi through the Cultivation of Joy

Swallow your saliva and feel your throat open and relax as you smile to your voice box. When you smile into the lungs, you will dissolve any sadness or negative feelings, creating space for courage and righteousness to expand.

When the hands are at eye level, begin to rotate the palms and bring them up above the head. Sit comfortably near the edge of your chair with your feel flat on the floor.