Table of Contents. Chapter 1. StarUML Overview. What is StarUML; Key Features ; System Requirements. Chapter 2. Basic Concepts. Model, view and diagram. If you have StarUML V1 model files .uml), you can import by selecting File | Import | StarUML 1 File .uml). . Note: Deleting View Elements do not delete Model Elements. Uninstall extension of old version manually. 2. StarUML™ is a software modeling platform that supports UML (Unified .. Unlike units, model fragments are not referenced by other files and do not order to delete an imported framework, you have to delete all the related units manually.

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In cases where the diagram elements are laid out in a disordered way, the elements can be automatically laid out for tidier display. Model elements can be moved to be placed only under elements that can contain model elements. Batch includes one file that is batch file.

Among the many diagrams, there can be more than one default diagram, which is the most basic diagram of all. If a diagram contains a lot of information, the diagram may become very large.

If any, specify all related files to the sharuml. Makes sub-stimulus with return goes from target element in current stimulus. The elements that constitute software components and the elements that implement those components can all be expressed by Component Diagram.

Class Diagram can contain not only classes but also interfaces, enumerations, packages, various relations, instances, and their links.


The following methods can be used to edit the stereotype property. Usecase Diagram – UseCase The target model Actor linking with the current element makes a link of communication. Shortcut generation syntax can generate a target model and relationship with it by writing simple text. In order to edit the specific diagram, you have to activate the diagram when staurml open several diagrams. However, a project containing multiple saruml may have elements with the same names in different packages, and there may be cases where these elements need to be displayed in the same diagram.

Simply copy the batch file.

StarUML 5.0 User Guide

Please be careful, because deleting a diagram also deletes all information related to the diagram. Activity Diagram is a special form of Statechart Diagram that is suitable for expressing the activity execution flow. The target element linking with the current element makes a link of generalization. The TypeExpression property is included in Attribute, Parameter, etc. There is no restriction making PowerPoint slides, so you can generate mmanual slides for presentation automatically with reduction of writing efforts.

Copied view dr can be pasted in diagrams only; they cannot be pasted to model elements. It is a direct expression of the InteractionInstanceSet, which is a set of the stimuli exchanged between the instances within a CollaborationInstanceSet. Sequence Diagram Sequence Diagram expresses the interactions of instances.

The target element linking with the current element makes a link of compose. If there is no target model name, generate new appropriate model elements and the relationship. Fork one and make your own.


Chapter 8. Generating Codes and Documents

Enumerations have literals, which are shown in the literal compartment areas of enumerations in the diagram. Using it, you can get good reports by using Graph, Filtering, Sorting and other functions in the Excel. Close a diagram if it no longer needs to be edited. Installing a template is very simple. StarUML checks latest updates automatically. Deleting a view element means deleting only the view element that represents a model element on the screen, without deleting the model element itself.

Parameters required for the template. The following expression formats are available. Elements that contain attributes such as Class, Exception and UseCase show these attributes in their attribute compartment areas. Although Statechart Diagram is generally used to express the behaviors for instances of classes, it can also be used to express behaviors of other elements.


Model elements can also be created without being displayed in the diagram. The user can freely create and manage different diagrams as needed.

The order between starump elements can be modified to show intuitively configurations of software model. The following properties are available. View elements can be expressed as different shapes depending on the stereotypes.